These Are the Most Popular Dog Names in the World

published Oct 3, 2021
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When it comes to naming your pup, it can be a hard decision to make. Does the name suit your new four-legged friend? How will it sound shouting the name in the park? Do you like traditional “dog” names, or do you prefer dogs with human names?

A study by Budget Direct has revealed the most popular dog names around the world in 2021. Using studies created by national dog registers, animal welfare charities, and animal insurance providers, the company the top ten male and female dogs names in each country. While some names came up top in more than a few countries, some names are unique to one destination.

Credit: Budget Direct

When it comes to female dog names, Luna and Bella dominate the list. Luna, which means “moon” in Latin, is the top female dog name in a whopping 16 countries, while Bella (or Bela) takes first place in 14 countries.

Lola took third place, being the favored name in countries such as Ireland and Argentina, with Molly following closely behind.

As for names unique to just one country, the most popular name in Brazil is Mel, which is Portuguese for “honey”. Likewise, the top name in Iceland is Perla—meaning Pearl.

Other names that were proved the most popular in just one country include Lovely (Albania), Nala (France), and Vodka (Egypt).

Credit: Budget Direct

According to the research, male dogs are more likely to have human names than female dogs. Dominating the list is Max, along with Charlie, which are both also hugely popular names for babies.

Buddy is also a popular pick, being the favored name for male dogs in Indonesia and North Macedonia, as well as scoring high in other countries.

Looking for unique names? There are plenty on the list. In Turkey, Duman is the most popular name for a boy dog, meaning “smoke”. Estonia’s preferred male dog name is Leedi (pronounced like “lady”), and And the Japanese like to call their male dogs Sora, meaning “sun”.

Budget Direct also offered some useful advice for when choosing a dog’s name. Think about how you’re going to explain his or her name to other dog owners in the park, and consider picking something bold and short. Plus, it’s best to avoid names that your next-door neighbor might choose for their new baby.

You can view the full study here.