These Are the Most Popular Tile Designs in North America

published Jun 26, 2022
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White Kitchen
Credit: Margaret Rajic | Stocksy

When you’re wanting to give your home a new lease of life without committing to a full-scale renovation, don’t underestimate the power of the humble tile. Whether you’re opting for a peel and stick kitchen backsplash or want to make a bold statement with tiles in unusual places, just like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds did in their bathroom, the possibilities are endless. But which tile designs are the most popular?

A new study from QS Supplies has revealed the most popular tile designs in North America, from classic ceramic tiles to those with bright and bold patterns. According to, tilemaking originated in the 4th century B.C. and, while solid color tiles were produced in central and south America as early as the late 16th century, they weren’t prevalent in the United States—they were imported from Europe until the U.S. tile industry took off in 1870.

While technology has grown, the research found that traditional designs and processes are still as popular today. In Mexico, traditional Talavera Spanish Pottery Tiles are the most popular style, mixing and matching the bold designs to create a stunning backsplash, floor, or wall that’s completely unique. The Dominican Republic and Costa Rica also take influence from Spanish tile design with their hand-painted tiles.

In Puerto Rico, Losas Criollas tiles are the preferred style. These vibrant tiles are instantly recognizable thanks to their unique patterns and eye-catching colors. Panama favors Colonial Tiles, while the most popular tiles in El Salvador are ceramic tiles that feature designs from “El Salvador’s National Artist”, Fernando Llort.

In the United States, Arts and Crafts tiles are the most popular design, with many patterns and colors making this style of tile a versatile pick for any room of the house. Finally, Canadians prefer simple slate tiles for a sleek and sharp finish.