The 8 Most Surprising Home Decor Trends of 2023, According to Designers

published Dec 21, 2023
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multicolor blue tile wet room bathroom

Despite designing for a living, sometimes even the pros can’t always predict which home trends will pop in a given year. To that end, I asked 10 designers to identify the most shocking design developments of the past year, and they delivered with this list of eight stunners that took them by surprise. The good news? The pros were feeling each of these design trends, so you can also feel confident trying one or two out in 2024.

Colored Plumbing Fixtures

As designer Megan Molten says, “Who would have ever thought pink and blue toilets would be cool again?” Molten is happily embracing this trend and recently ordered a black wall-mounted toilet for her pool house. “It looks modern and sleek,” she says. For Molten, colorful fixtures shine brightest when paired with a wallpaper in a corresponding color, so don’t be afraid to get a little matchy-matchy in 2024.

Pops of Bold Colors and Graphic Patterns

Designer Katie Labourdette-Martinez, the founder of Hearth Homes Interiors, has noticed an uptick in bold colors and graphic patterns. She herself even incorporated an eye-catching black and white pattern in the contemporary bathroom on display here. Isy Runsewe, the founder of Isy’s Interiors, agrees loud hues and prints are here to stay. “This year we saw a lot of bold playfulness with color — from the inescapable, pink-manicured grip the Barbie movie had on just about everything to the more frequent use of hot yellow-oranges and electric reds,” she says. Runsewe has been particularly mesmerized by Gen Z purple over the past several months. She says, “These vibrant lilac-purples, like Pantone’s Veri Peri, are a welcome, fresh addition to the typical colors we’ve seen in interiors.” Even designers who don’t typically use intense hues are excited by this development. “While I love a good neutral, rich, saturated colors are always a favorite because of the drama and depth they bring to a space,” says designer Molly Torres Portnof, the founder of DATE Interiors

The Wallpaper Revival

David Mann, president of MR Architecture + Decor, considers the resurgence of wallpaper to be an unexpected yet exciting trend. “It suggests a desire for homeowners to inject personality into their spaces after the pandemic,” he comments. Mann has been pleased with the wide array of wall covering options that have resonated with people. “What caught my attention the most in the diversity in design — from extra-large-scale patterns that never repeat to intricate, small-scale designs,” he says. “It’s like a breath of fresh air for interior decor enthusiasts.” 

Checkerboard Tiles

Checkered flooring made waves in 2023, much to the surprise of designers such as designer Linda Hayslett, the founder of LH.Designs. “I love that this classic look has come back with modern materials,” she says. 

Decorative Window Treatments

Hayslett has also been pleasantly surprised to see decorative window treatments get more attention this past year. “They are making their way back into our lives with flair, interest, and some traditional elements that we haven’t seen in a long time, such as modern patterns and interesting trims like pom-poms and fringe on them,” she notes. 

Irregular Shaped Rugs

Designer Monika Nessbach, founder of Designbar, wasn’t expecting to see an influx of all shapes and sizes of rugs this past year, but she couldn’t be happier about this change. “It was about time to change rugs to where we are not limited to squares, rectangles, and circles anymore,” Nessbach says. “Asymmetrical and unique rug designs added an extra layer of visual appeal, signifying a departure from the traditional geometrics.” 

Decorative Trim

Trim has come back in full force, says designer Kelly Sopel, the founder of Trim Tech Designs. “It completes a room with an effortless look instead of looking overdone.” 

Statement Stone

Nina Grauer, designer and founding partner of Dekay & Tate, says statement stone was her favorite unexpected 2023 trend — and one that she anticipates will grow in popularity. “We don’t see this trend going anywhere but bigger and bolder,” she adds. “We love seeing and using all the different varieties of stone, from quartzite and onyx to man-made stone — the possibilities are endless.” Designer Kara Piepmeyer, the founder of Studio Kosma, expresses similar sentiments. “My absolute favorite trend has been using statement marbles in big doses,” she says, noting that she incorporated a lilac marble countertop into this serene bluish bath.