7 Nature-Inspired Living Room Trends that’ll Help You Find Your Zen in 2020

published Dec 9, 2019
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With so many of us cooped up inside most days, hunched over computers typing in bad fluorescent lighting, it’s easy to see why interior designers are gravitating towards nature-inspired colors and materials. What better way to make an impact than by targeting your living room with this trend? It’s probably where you spend most of your waking hours when you’re home, so why not bring a little bit of the outdoors inside.

Clusters of houseplants in corners and on shelves invite a “jungalow” vibe, and natural materials like rattan and jute are lightening up the look of things, replacing heavier materials like velvets and damasks. Different wood tones are being mixed with abandon, earthy colors are all the rage, and crystal collecting isn’t just a woo woo fad anymore. Want to bring some of the beauty of the great outdoors into your living room? These seven nature-inspired trends can take you there. 

Rattan and Cane Furniture

Rattan furniture, bamboo furnishings, and pieces with caning are popping up everywhere. It seems like you can’t scroll through your Instagram feed without seeing Ilse Crawford’s IKEA pendant or a wicker chair. Folks are mixing their mid-century modern pieces with cane-paneled sideboards and adding patio-like rattan pieces into their living rooms. Embrace these natural vibes with a ‘70s rattan piece yourself. These items bring texture to a space without weighing it down visually, and for that, they’re going to have staying power.

Credit: Emilia Jane

Earthy Colors

Brown is back—in addition to chocolate and caramel shades, more and more people are also painting their walls earthy colors like mustard, dark green, and red clay. Any of these hues will add a rich, sophisticated touch to your room. If go dark with paint, just make sure you get a lot of natural light to offset the walls’ intensity. Or embrace the moody cave vibes you’ll create, if that’s more your speed.  

Mixing Woods

Who says you can’t have dark and light wood tones and textures together in the same room? No one, because the matchy-match look is no longer required, and mixing woods is totally cool. Take a look at this room, which features a wood floors, a wooden coffee table, and a wooden cabinet. Each piece has a slightly different color and stain, which previously has been a taboo, but it totally works here.

Crystals and Rocks

Crystal and rock collections aren’t new but when paired with other Mother Nature-inspired pieces, a room really starts to feel more and more like a peaceful outdoor sanctuary. Whether you believe crystals and rocks are powerful or not, they sure are fun to look at. Even something small, like quartz bookends or coasters, can pretty up your living room.

Nature Motifs

From leaves to birds, we’re seeing a boom in natural motifs, popping up on everything from wallpaper to decorative accessories. Bold palm print wallpaper is having a comeback, lamps with branch-like bases are decorating side tables, and sconces that look like vines are hanging over mirrors. If you see these kinds of things when you look out your windows, consider yourself lucky. But the rest of us can fake it ‘til we make it with natural-inspired accents. 


Obviously, people have always had houseplants in their homes, but the last year or two saw things shift into jungalow territories. This trend is not going anywhere. If anything, you can expect to see even more exotic plants—and just plants on plants on plants in general. The more greenery a space has, the cozier it feels.

Natural Materials

Design lovers are layering their rooms with subtle natural textures. Natural fiber rugs are paired with wicker storage and jute poufs, while faux fur pillows and throws are being draped over rattan chairs. And this trend isn’t just for furniture—woven pendants and lampshades are adding a natural touch to ceilings and corners, too.