I Never Store Anything Under My Bed, and It’s Actually Made My Room Better

published May 8, 2024
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I’m convinced that anyone who doesn’t believe in feng shui simply hasn’t tried it yet. The ancient Chinese practice is all about creating harmony in your life through the arrangement and utilization of the items in your home, and the more you learn about it, the more sense it makes. 

I try to follow as many feng shui rules as possible, like keeping my bed farthest from the door, ensuring there’s a seat in the living room for every person in the home, and leaving plenty of breathing room in the closet instead of stuffing it full.

The one I’m most passionate about telling people, though? Resisting the urge to store anything under your bed, as it blocks energy and air from circulating through the room. I’ve lived in plenty of small spaces, and I realize this is sometimes unavoidable — and that’s okay as long as you’re thoughtful about what you’re putting there. I’d be lying, however, if I didn’t tell you it makes the biggest difference.

When I decided to relocate all the stuff under my bed, I was only vaguely familiar with feng shui. In fact, the reason I did it was because I was sick of my things collecting dust and becoming forgotten about. But no longer having to deal with that clutter has been a game-changer, and the bedroom as a whole just felt lighter

I actually enjoyed being in my bedroom now, and it’s become more of the soothing getaway I always hoped it’d be. I felt like I could breathe easier, which ended up making sense when I realized that the reason in feng shui practices for keeping your underbed area free of clutter is to allow for better energy flow.

This all happened a few years ago, and to this day I’ll seek out any other storage solution before giving in to throwing stuff under the bed. I also check under my daughter’s bed regularly to make sure nothing’s hiding underneath it. 

If you haven’t tried applying feng shui principles in your home, consider this a sign. The more I practice feng shui, the better my home (and I) start to feel.