Talk Trash With Me! The New Voice Sensor Trashcan from Simplehuman

published Aug 19, 2017
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(Image credit: Maxwell Ryan)

I love to buy and test trashcans. I’ve owned many and tried many others. I am a big fan of the classic, no-tech Rubbermaid cans, but those you have to hide. If you want something more accessible and pretty, you move to a different class. My latest tryout is with simplehuman’s brand new sensor can which as motion AND now — get this — voice control. Move over Alexa! I owned the first generation of the sensor can years ago, and I can tell you that they have finally gotten it right. This can is handsome, practical and works beautifully.

(Image credit: simplehuman)

Here’s what the new sensor can has going for it:

Easy Opening
The motion-activated lid when you wave your hand over it it and stays open while you work at the can. It also opens if you say “Open Can” anywhere near it, which is helpful if your hands are really, really full.

Quiet, Smooth Motor
The old can I used to have had a really funky, noisy motor in it that got erratic pretty quickly. This new generation has solved those problems. The lid opens quickly and smoothly and you can’t hear it at all.

Great Bag System
One of the classic design features of simplehuman cans is how plastic bags are stored and held in place. I love how they are stored on the back, with a hole through to the inside so you can easily pull them out when changing. AND now they have a nice big rim that closes down over the bag so that it is firmly held in place. (You can see this well in my video above.)

Nice touch.

At $200 (or $250 for the dual compartment), the sensor can is a bit of an investment but considering how often we use our kitchen trash cans and how long this one will last, I think it’s worth it.

(Image credit: simplehuman)

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