Here’s A Genius Way to Save Space in a Small Kitchen That You Haven’t Thought of Yet

published Jan 5, 2023
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Francesca Kletz London House Tour

Textile designer, interior designer, and London Loom founder Francesca Kletz and her partner, visual artist and director Robert Strange, have made a number of unconventional choices in their London apartment that have paid off handsomely. Think floral tiles on the walls, pops of pink in every room, and plenty of mismatched patterns that work together surprisingly well. Given that both work in creative fields, it’s no wonder their home reflects out-of-the-box decorating ideas, especially in the kitchen.

In order to create more space in their kitchen and bathroom (and simultaneously let in extra light), the couple decided to remodel. “We started in March 2020, so there’s no need to explain why it was extra difficult to get it finished,” says Kletz. “I think it’s also so difficult when you make big decisions about interiors because it’s expensive to change anything, so there’s a lot of pressure to get it right. In the end, I really sat down with the layout of the kitchen and tried to envision making some of my favorite dishes — how would I navigate the space?” Luckily, the cooking and eating area turned out exactly as Kletz envisioned, with several key unique and unexpected features that are also super-functional.

My personal favorite feature of the kitchen? The genius no-handle handles on the powder blue, wood, and pink cabinetry. On both the standard kitchen cabinets above and below the counter, as well as on the nearby pantry, circular holes were cut out of the plain slab-style doors (and drawers) for opening and closing them. When asked about any advice they’d give to readers, the couple suggested this very tweak: “Have cut-out or flat handles in the kitchen! Handles take up so much space!”

Traditional cabinet handles and knobs jut out, or project, into a kitchen’s usable working and walking areas, but cutting circles directly into cabinetry can create a sleek and, ultimately, slightly space-saving look. Sure, it’s only a bit of extra clearance, but when you have a bunch of cabinets, this effect can be cumulative, and sometimes every inch truly matters. Visually, no-handle handles are also quieter, and that counts for something, too. I could see this idea being a smart strategy in a tight apartment galley, for example, if you’re changing out cabinet doors or remodeling and want a minimal, modern vibe. You could also try this idea for a tiny powder room vanity, where square footage may be at even more of a premium than in a small kitchen.

Whether you see this design detail as truly space-saving or not, there’s no arguing its aesthetic prowess. When combined with the glossy chartreuse floors, grid-like white tile, and pink-washed walls, the new handless kitchen is exceptionally playful but remains functional and truly fit for a family of three.