The Brand Behind Our Favorite Iron Just Launched the Most Innovative Hamper (I’m Obsessed!)

published May 7, 2024
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The Nori Laundry Hamper
Credit: Nori

It was about three years ago that I first came across the brand Nori and its hero product, the Nori Press. As a small-space dweller, I was immediately taken. The innovative handheld iron became an instant favorite as well as an essential part of my laundry routine — and I wasn’t the only one. After sharing the find with you, my dear AT readers, you fell in love, too, raving about and buying it in droves. It also became a teamwide favorite, with many of my coworkers picking one up for themselves, leading to it earning a spot on our coveted Cleaning Awards earlier this year.

Ever since then, I’ve been keeping a close eye on the brand and all of its launches. I shared with you when it launched its sophomore product (and my go-to fabric shaver), the Nori Trim, and now I’m here to share another innovative launch: the Nori Hamper. 

What is the Nori Hamper? 

Now, you might be wondering to yourself, “What could be so special about a hamper?” Well, the Nori Hamper isn’t your regular ol’ hamper. Designed to seamlessly work in any space, this hamper is one of the most stylish finds I’ve come across with an elegant textured canvas exterior and faux-leather detailing that makes it a true sight for sore eyes. Topped with a magnetic odor-blocking lid, the interior of this hamper is wipeable and stain-resistant, making it a dream to keep clean between loads. However, this hamper’s real star is the interior pouch, perfect for storing laundry pods, dryer sheets, quarters, and more. 

So what inspired Nori to create this hamper? The brand reached out to its customers, friends, and family before beginning the design process, and those surveyed could not name any brands within the hamper space. Nori decided to take on the challenge to change that. Many of the people they spoke to were dissatisfied with the size, portability, and design of their current hamper solution and found that the category was divided into two categories: the budget/cheap hamper found at big-box retailers and the extremely high-end $300+ hampers at luxury retailers. With all this information in tow, the brand “Goldilocks-ed” the situation, and thus the Nori Hamper was born. 

Credit: Sarah M. Vazquez

Why I Love the Nori Hamper

Now, I should start off by saying that I’ve been on the hunt for a good hamper for a long time — I guess it was just the universe telling me to wait for this one because reader, I’ve never been more excited for laundry day. Aside from how stylish and functional it is, there are two things I really came to love about this hamper. The first? Its size. Measuring in at 13x14x28 inches, this hamper is taller and thinner than most hampers, making it easy to fit in my studio apartment and maneuver around without bumping into everything. The other element I couldn’t help but marvel at was the easy-to-attach wheel system. While you can happily use this hamper without the wheels, I was so impressed by how easy it was to attach the smooth wheels — you quite literally lay the magnetic wheel-base attachment on the base and secure it with two side snaps. That’s it. What you’re left with is one of the most dynamic (is that weird to say about a hamper?) laundry essentials around. I didn’t think I’d be so impressed with a hamper, but then again, I’ve come to learn that you should never underestimate the cleverness of Nori. 

Ready to put another piece of Nori’s revolutionary clothing care to the test? The Nori Hamper comes in at $145. While this piece is definitely an investment, with the quality and ingenuity behind it, I know this is going to be a mainstay in my laundry routine for years to come. So what are you waiting for? Laundry day will never be the same. 

Buy: Nori Hamper, $145