This Weighted Blanket Feels Like a Comfy T-Shirt and Doesn’t Make Me Overheat

published Sep 28, 2021
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Credit: nuzzie

It’s finally fall, and I’m moving full steam ahead into the cozy season. My mugs are sparkling clean and ready to be filled with cocoa and tea, and my fall primetime TV shows are slowly returning to the scheduled section of my DVR. Blankets are another staple of my cool-weather comforts, and there’s no limit to how many I’ll try in order to find those must-have pieces to add to the bunch. So when Nuzzie reached out about their Knit Weighted Blanket, I absolutely had to see what makes it so special.

Like a fish attracted to a shiny object, I was drawn to the Nuzzie weighted blanket because of its colors. I spotted the Emerald Green chunky knit blanket online and was struck with the mental image of it draped around my shoulders on lazy weekends as I lounged on my blue velvet sofa with a warm mug of tea pressed between my palms. I hoped it would be as snuggly as it looked.

The Nuzzie arrived tightly packed in a drawstring sack decorated with a superhero. I almost forgot that I’d received a full-size blanket until I had to exert some strength to free it from the bag. The effort was totally worth it. I opted for a Sky Blue Nuzzie, and my first glimpse of it resulted in a pleasant surprise: It was just as vibrant as in the picture! So often I’ve seen chunky knit blankets in neutrals like beige, black, and white, but Nuzzie’s have rich colors that capture attention (and look great in photos). Aside from green and blue, there’s Ruby Red, Sapphire, and Rose. If you do prefer more muted tones, Misty Grey, Snow White, Oatmeal, and Midnight — a dark gray — are also available.

While the color was the head-turner, the feel of the Nuzzie Knit Weighted Blanket is why I’m keeping it around. Its fabric is as soft as a t-shirt! Not just any t-shirt, but the one you’ve had for years and refuse to get rid of until it falls apart because it’s achieved just the right level of softness. The border of the blanket has a slightly larger weave than the middle, making it ultra-comfortable and easy to maneuver. I spent hours under it while I binged “Squid Game” on Netflix and never got too warm. The breathable weave of the blanket keeps it continuously cool.

Credit: nuzzie

When choosing a weighted blanket, you’re typically advised to get one that’s around 10 percent of your body weight. However, with Nuzzie, you should determine which size is right for you based on the dimensions rather than how heavy it is. Due to the style of the knit, the weight stays evenly distributed; the polyester fill doesn’t shift around like beads do. As a result, every time you move, the blanket has a consistent relaxing pressure. The Nuzzie blanket comes in four sizes: Kids, Full, Queen, and King. The Full, which I have, is large enough for one person to wrap around themselves. For a shareable blanket, go for the Queen or King, which fits two.

The Nuzzie Knit Weighted Blanket is without a doubt as snuggly as it looks, and I was able to get it in my favorite color! That’s a definite win-win for me. With the autumn weather revving up, this cozy addition to my blanket collection will be getting me through sweater weather this year in the best way.