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Robyn & Alejandro’s Eek to Sleek Bathroom

updated May 4, 2019
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(Image credit: Sweeten)

Remember Robyn and Alejandro, whose sad sad kitchen was transformed into a bright, super-modern space? Well, their condo also had a bathroom which, although not in quite as dire a state as the kitchen, was still in need of a little TLC.

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(Image credit: Sweeten)

It’s kind of hard to believe it’s the same space, isn’t it? The defining feature of the new bathroom is the three kinds of tile that Robyn chose. Three kinds of tile might sound a bit overwhelming, especially in such a small space, but the important thing here is the tile patterns and placements. The topmost pattern is a beveled subway tile; below that is a large-format Carrera marble tile which forms a sort of wainscot, and continues all the way up the wall in the shower. Black cement hex tiles cover the floor and the side of the tub and help to ground the space. Each kind of tile harmonizes nicely with the others, while bringing something a little different to the game when it comes to texture and pattern.

(Image credit: Sweeten)

While all that tile is exciting, my favorite thing about this bathroom is the powder blue sink and frame, which add two unexpected (but definitely not unwelcome) pops of color. A new frameless glass shower surround protects the rest of the room from moisture without breaking up the space.

(Image credit: Sweeten)

The finishing touch is these antique-looking fixtures, which help to add a bit of a vintage feel to an otherwise very modern space.

Robyn and Alejandro found their contractors, Paulina and Albert, through Sweeten, an online resource that connects New York-area homeowners with architects, designers, and contractors. You can read more about this bathroom remodel and see more pictures on the Sweeten blog.