Seniors Are Embracing This Millennial and Gen Z Pastime In Quarantine

updated Dec 20, 2020
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Credit: Tirachard Kumtanom/Shutterstock

Your grandparents just might be streaming the latest season of “The Great British Bake Off,” too. Amica Senior Lifestyles, a senior living center based in Canada, conducted research on how the lives of senior citizens have changed amid the coronavirus pandemic. According to the study, seniors have adapted to technological trends in order to stay connected with loved ones and maintain their mental health. One top trend? Streaming: 2 in 5 seniors have turned to platforms like Netflix and Disney+ in quarantine. 

Amica surveyed 1,400 North American senior citizens ages 55 and up between September and October to determine lifestyle changes amid the pandemic. Among those surveyed, 41% of senior citizens used Netflix and Disney+ for the first time to pass the time. 33% of seniors said they used the services to enjoy the nostalgia of old TV shows and films, 31% of seniors cited the maintenance of their mental health, and 10% of seniors said they used the streaming services in order to have something to talk about with others. 

“TV streaming has come to the rescue of so many people,” Julie Winn, senior clinical director at Valley Behavioral Health, said of the new trend among seniors. “It helps you not get bored [and] stay [connected] with mainstream society, [as well as] experience positive feelings. Senior citizens can also benefit  because there are great comedy movies they can watch and enjoy a good laugh. They are also updated and can discuss trending movies with their peers and family, giving them an avenue to socialize.”

Streaming TV and films isn’t the only technological trend that older generations have incorporated into their lives. According to Amica’s research, 72% of seniors tried video calling, 42% dipped their toes into social media apps, 29% streamed music, and 27% instant messaged for the first time. Overall, 71% of senior citizens said they intend to stick to some element of their new technological habits even after the pandemic ends for good. In sum, don’t rule out any “The Mandalorian” watch parties with your grandparents.