One Good Thing: How To Make Two Natural DIY Air Fresheners

published Jul 29, 2021
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Welcome back to One Good Thing @ Home! This week I take a little detour back into my kitchen to cook up some all natural ingredients that will make you house smell lovely and get rid of old, musty smells from cooking, kids, dirty clothes, you name it. It’s getting REALLY SIMPLE this week, which I love, but I hope there’s enough “meat on the bone” for you rabid DIYers who like to fill the comments with all sorts of good old fashioned feedback. Bring it on.

This week I feature two simple approaches:

1. Throwing used lemon rinds into a pot and letting them simmer on the stove during the day. Lemon oil is STRONG and it will fill your house.
2. A mixture of eucalyptus, lavender and lemon myrtle (but you could pull many things from the herb/flower department or your garden) that you boil down and throw into a spray bottle for ongoing use. EASY and real nice.

So, give it a try and let me know what you think. ALSO I want you to know you can email me directly if you have EVEN BETTER IDEAS than my little brain and Hand’s BIG BRAIN can come up with. We’re into feedback and I’d love to throw some of you some props from my house. Just send them to (I’m using my Cubby address to make sure I see them). Thanks in advance!

Best, M

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