One Good Thing: An Amazing Natural Bug Repellant from Mexico

published May 27, 2021
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Welcome back to One Good Thing @ Home! This week I’m starting a series of small, cool discoveries that will arm your for these lovely outdoor months – primarily how to ward of bugs of all kinds. Over the past year I’ve learned a bunch of surprising tricks that I think will really help solve this problem once and for all.

In this episode I demonstrate a method I found at the Hotel San Cristobal in Baja (you’ve got to go). A beautiful, small hotel at the end of a dirt road and on the sea, they also have a fly problem around food, but it was charmingly solved by slowly burning fresh rosemary in a small bowl at table. All you need is rosemary, bowl and a sterno can and you’re all set. The gentle smoke and scent of the rosemary (nice to humans) is really awful for flies. They simply disappear. It also seems that biting insects, like mosquitos and black flies, are also repelled by slow burning herbs like this, so you can certainly enlarge on this. Enjoy!

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