The Best Organizing Product for You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

published Feb 14, 2024
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Keeping your home organized can be tricky, but the right products can go a long way. From chic storage ottomans to sleek pan organizers, there are countless items designed to help you maximize storage space and minimize visual clutter.

If you’re stumped on which product to try first, why not look to astrology? Whether you’re an energetic Aries or a comfort-loving Taurus, your zodiac sign reflects core aspects of your personality and lifestyle. It’s a quick way to home in on what matters most to you, and where you may benefit most from upping your organizing game.

Keep reading to learn more about the best organizing product for all 12 zodiac signs. (For the astrologically savvy folks out there: If you’re familiar with your full astrological birth chart, also consult the blurb for your natal Moon and Mercury placements. The former represents what makes you feel secure and comfortable, while the latter reflects how you think and strategize.)

Aries: Charging Tray

Fiery Aries answer to Mars, the planet of action and desire. Your sign moves at a quick, self-dictated pace, and in our tech-forward world, nothing will slow your roll faster than a dead smartphone. Equip your desk or nightstand with a one-stop charging tray, such as Courant’s Catch:3 Essentials. That way, your electronics will always be ready for action.

Taurus: Cute Storage Basket

For earth-sign Taurus, aesthetic appeal is just as important as functionality. (Thank your planetary ruler, Venus, which governs art and romance.) Your ideal organizing product will look cute and serve a practical purpose, just like Serena & Lily’s La Jolla Basket. It’s beautifully crafted and sturdy enough to stash your spare blankets or tchotchkes. Let’s be real — you’ve got plenty of both.

Gemini: Utility Cart

Utility carts are mobile and versatile, just like Geminis. As a mutable air sign, you thrive in social settings and are always down to switch things up. Snag one of IKEA’s beloved RÅSKOG Utility Carts, and style it (and restyle it) to your heart’s content. Bonus points if you deck it out as a bar cart or craft station when entertaining friends at home.

Cancer: Pan Organizer

Cancers are ruled by the moon, which governs our bodies and how we nourish them. Translation? You’re a natural home cook, and your kitchen is likely overflowing with pots and pans. Keep the chaos at bay with a pan organizer, such as YouCopia’s Storemore Expandable Cookware Rack. This handy product will free up cabinet space and keep every pan and lid easily accessible.

Credit: Tessa Cooper

Leo: Makeup Organizer 

Leos always aim to put their best foot face forward. You’re ruled by the sun, which governs our identity and vitality, so it’s no wonder you feel most radiant when you look your best, too. A makeup organizer is the perfect addition to your space. Choose a chic look and smart design, like Syntus’s 360 Rotating Makeup Organizer, and display it with pride.

Virgo: Label Maker

Analytical Virgos are ruled by Mercury, the planet of thinking and communication. You’re perennially detail-oriented, and you take a systematic approach to just about everything. Why not invest in a label maker? This nifty tool will level up your existing organizational systems at an affordable price point (for instance, Brother’s highly rated P-Touch Label Maker is just $39.99 on Amazon).

Libra: Artsy Bookcase

Libras also answer to artsy Venus, but as an air sign, you skew more on the intellectual side. You probably have a sprawling book collection, so why not organize it beautifully? A unique bookshelf, such as Design Within Reach’s Story Bookcase, is a worthwhile investment for your space. Spruce yours up with a vining plant, or display your books in rainbow order.

Scorpio: Storage Ottoman

Fixed-sign Scorpios can be quite private. You’re not distrusting, necessarily, but you prefer to leave something to the imagination. Add a little mystery to your home with a covered storage ottoman. These tasteful pieces of furniture don’t look like organizational products, but you can use them to store any items you don’t want on display.

Credit: Photo: Christopher Testani; Prop Styling: Carla Gonzalez-Hart

Sagittarius: Packing Cubes

Sags are governed by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and travel, hence your sign’s characteristic wanderlust. You’re already a jet-setter, so why not organize your luggage with packing cubes? These lightweight organizers come in different dimensions and styles for all types of clothing. Grab a multi-pack in a bold pattern, as a nod to your fire-sign nature.

Capricorn: IKEA PAX Wardrobe System

Capricorns answer to Saturn, the planet of structure and responsibility. You’re a systems thinker by nature, and as an earth sign, you care about your material possessions. Consider overhauling your wardrobe with a new organizational system, such as IKEA’s PAX Wardrobe System. It’s sleek, utilitarian, and highly customizable to your storage needs — all qualities you’ll love.

Aquarius: Reusable Snack Bags

Air-sign Aquarians think outside the box, so you appreciate clever solutions to common dilemmas. For your sign, these reusable snack bags from Stasher are a no-brainer. They’re an innovative, eco-friendly alternative to a product you probably already use, and they come in different shapes and sizes for all your on-the-go snacking needs.

Pisces: Entryway Rack

Dreamy Pisces are known for their creativity … and forgetfulness. Keep yourself organized as you go about your daily life by adding an entryway rack near your front door. These pieces come in many different styles, but you’ll love the open look and feel of Open Spaces’ popular Entryway Rack. Jazz yours up with a sentimental book or trinket tray, and never misplace your keys again.