Before & After: Shaking Up an Outdoor IKEA Sofa With Shibori

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Claire’s patio sofa was understandably looking a little worse for the wear after battling the elements for seven years. She decided to give shibori a try, with a backup plan in case things went south. Lo and behold there was no need for Plan B and now the sofa cushions are bright, fun and totally revitalized.

From Claire: I bought this IKEA Ammero outdoor sofa over seven years ago and I’m very fond of it. There is nothing I love doing more on a balmy summer’s night than lounging on my outdoor couch with a cocktail or two.

The sofa has held up pretty well over the years considering the unpredictable British weather. However, even though I bring the couch cushions in over the winter, they were looking very tired and grubby no matter how many times I washed them. It was time for a refresh.

I decided to dye the cushions as washing them alone wasn’t enough to brighten them up.

I used a shibori indigo dye kit bought for $10 to shibori-dye the cushions. I did this on a summer’s day out in the garden.

I am so pleased with how the cushions turned out it. I didn’t think that they would turn out as well as they did and was prepared to dye them indigo all over if the shibori hadn’t worked. But there was no need to. I love the pattern and the bright blue color just transforms my outdoor space. It looks so bright, fresh and inviting now.

Claire’s words of wisdom: Shibori dyeing is fun and addictive, once you’ve tried it you’ll be hunting around the house for more items to dye. With the same bucket of dye I invited my friends round and between us, we also dyed some pillow cases, a duvet cover, a skirt, some pashminas, and socks.

Also make sure your latex gloves don’t have any holes in them or you will end up with blue hands for a few days.

Thank you, Claire! You can see more on Claire’s blog Pillar Box Blue.