The Biggest Summer Trend This Year Prioritizes Home

published Jun 12, 2021
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outdoor project by Fernando Wong

The hottest summer trend this year? A prioritization and newfound appreciation of home, according to a new survey that explores the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on outdoor spaces and living among Americans. Garden and lawn care company Gardens Alive recently polled over 980 respondents across the U.S. to determine just how the coronavirus has informed their relationship with their outdoor spaces over the last year, revealing insights on some of the most coveted outdoor trends and features on respondents’ outdoor wishlists, including design styles and future renovation plans. 

Considering that our homes have become our sanctuaries over the last few months, it comes as no surprise that renovations are on the top of Americans’ minds. According to Gardens Alive, 72.4 percent of respondents would rather invest in their homes this summer than spend money on a vacation. In fact, nearly 44 percent of respondents said they planned on spending between $100 and $1,000 this year to spruce up their outdoor living spaces, while a small percentage (2.3, to be precise) even said they planned on spending more than $10,000. 

With the risks that come with travel amid the ongoing pandemic, too, the preference for home makes sense. In terms of design styles and outdoor elements, the survey also offered insights on respondents’ renovation plans.

Modern, minimalist, and rustic came in as the top three outdoor design styles, while the most-desired elements include more flowers and greenery, a BBQ and food preparation area, and a lounge area for more seating. Additionally, a pool, outdoor grill and kitchen, and playground are the top three outdoor add-ons among respondents. Tell us: is an outdoor renovation on your summer calendar? 

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