The One Thing You’re Forgetting When You Wallpaper (and the $0 Way to Fix It)

published Jun 3, 2022
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When you’ve committed to a DIY project that takes time to complete, then you want the end results to look as stunning as you imagined. And usually, getting across that finish line requires paying attention to the details — especially when it comes to something as finicky as peel-and-stick or pasted wallpaper. If you’ve already lined up all the seams perfectly, smoothed out all the air bubbles, and cut the edges as neatly as possible, you may think you’re done. And you can be! But there’s one more step that will take your wallpaper project from good to great: giving your outlet covers the wallpapered treatment, too.

Take if from Taylor Maclaskey of @houseoflasky. In her space, the gorgeous deep blue botanical wallpaper she installed was getting interrupted by a stark white outlet cover that stuck out like a sore thumb. Instead of letting the cover distract, she gave it a quick makeover to help it blend in.

Maclaskey began by removing the cover with a screwdriver so she could safely work on it on a flat surface. Then, she grabbed some leftover wallpaper, which she compared to the paper on the wall so that she could match the pattern exactly.

Maclaskey placed the paper over the outlet, wrapping the edges so that it had a seamless finish (a small snip in the corners ensured they laid flat) before taping. Some commenters were worried about fire safety, but as long as the paper doesn’t extend more than 1/8 inch or so past the under-edge of the outlet cover, and it does not touch the plug receptacles, this is a safe upgrade.

If you want something more permanent, you can also use Mod Podge or spray adhesive to attach the wallpaper to the outlet cover. And don’t forget: You can give the same treatment to switch plates, too.

Completing this small task can have professional-level rewards on the overall appearance of your wallpaper project. And if you really want to take your project the extra mile, don’t be afraid to conceal screw heads with a coordinating paint marker. It’s the extra little pieces that will really take your project from DIY to pro-level.