10 Clever Over-the-Toilet Storage Ideas That’ll Get Rid of Bathroom Clutter

published Sep 14, 2023
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Detail of over toilet storage in white bathroom

From towels and washcloths to toiletries and toilet paper, you most likely store a lot of essentials in your bathroom. And somehow, there’s never enough room. Making use of vertical space — particularly, the area above your toilet — is a super-easy way to increase your storage real estate (and in the process, reduce pesky bathroom clutter).

Below, 10 simple but effective ways to make the most of every inch in your bathroom with over-the-toilet storage. 

1. Invest in a Cute Storage Hutch

Adding a simple hutch around your toilet is a great way to add some personality or color and incorporate much-needed storage in your bathroom, whether you use it to store linens, toiletries, or cleaning supplies.

2. Get a Simple Behind-the-Toilet Shelf

If you’d rather not use up all the vertical space above your toilet, keep a low profile with a simple, behind-the-toilet shelf you can use to store a few rolls of toilet paper or folded towels.

3. Hang a Few Floating Shelves

A cheaper, more minimalist alternative to a full-on hutch? A few pretty floating shelves (bonus points if one of the shelves has a basket attached below it). You can use them to decant toiletries in jars or simply to stash extra TP.

4. Extend Your Medicine Cabinet

If your medicine cabinet is short on space — or you don’t have one at all — you can simply install a slim cabinet with a few shelves above your toilet to instantly increase your storage real estate.

5. Try a Picture Ledge

In place of a wider floating shelf, add a few narrow picture ledges above your toilet, where you can display framed art and a couple of decanted toiletries.

 6. Hang a Small Bookshelf

Have an extra bookshelf that’s not getting enough use? You can easily install it above your toilet to create additional storage space. This modern option has a three-cube setup, so you can use it to both display decor and maximize storage.

7. Hang a Towel Bar

Extra towels in the bathroom are always a great idea. Make the most of your above-toilet wall space by installing a few extra towel bars. If you don’t need more towels at the ready, you can also hang baskets with S-hooks and use them for toiletries or other bathroom essentials.

 8. Lean a Storage Ladder Against the Wall

Along with adding extra storage, a modern storage ladder lends a minimalist feel to any bathroom. Add a couple of small bins or baskets to keep clutter contained.

9. Set a Tiered Rack on Top of the Toilet

This handy bathroom organizer is a simple way to integrate more storage into your space without drilling anything into the wall (or investing in pricey furniture). Choose between a one-, two-, and three-tier option depending on how much extra storage you need.

10. Mount a Towel Rack

Another easy way to incorporate more towel storage over your toilet? A towel rack (no, it’s not the same as a towel bar!). Rather than hanging towels as you would on a bar, you just roll them up and set them on the racks.