Trying to Sleep on a Plane Is Hard, But This Tiny Packable Travel Blanket Will Make It More Comfortable

published Jun 18, 2019
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At some point, we’ve all tried to make a comfortable resting spot out a tiny airplane seat—a place that simply couldn’t measure up to the coziness of a bed. From using a rolled up jacket as a pillow to turning a long sweater into makeshift comforter, none of these temporary fixes quite compare to this multi-functional travel blanket known as The Layover, a new product currently funding on Kickstarter.

Either the inventors of this snuggly piece of fabric noticed one too many individuals struggling to nap comfortably while traveling or they’ve suffered the misfortune of a pillow-less, blanket-less commute because it seems to have an answer for basically anyone who travels or spends time lounging in public places like parks and beaches.

Created by travel product design company Gravel, The Layover is perfect for the hygge-on-the-go type, thanks to its various comfort inducing-accessories. At 41 X 67 inches, the blanket has a breathable nylon shell and an insulated core. Among its coolest features are the Hideaway Stuff Sack, microfleece-lined kangaroo pockets that keep your hands comfy and a reversible envelope pocket, which provides secure storage for devices and other valuables. It can be even stuffed into a small microfleece pillow.

With the travel blanket in tow, all body parts have sufficient coverage supplied by a leg pocket and an insulated foot pouch. It’s anti-static and waterproof coating so there’s no worrying about spills or it clinging to your clothing. Also, the blanket is lined with fasteners that allow it to be worn around the neck, or in the even connected to other Layover blankets.

And you don’t have to worry about it taking up a ton of space in your carry-on. Once packed down, it’s fist-sized and 35 percent lighter than a pair of sneakers, leaving travelers more room to pack and less chance of shelling out extra money on overweight luggage fees.

The Layover has already exceeded its goal, but is still available for preorder starting at $99. It’s expected to start shipping in November 2019.