This DIYer Painted Her Bathroom Tile, & You Won’t Believe How Good It Looks

published Aug 20, 2023
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wet room style bathroom with freestanding tub, shower, brown floors, white tile walls
Credit: alvarez/Getty Images

Replacing outdated tile in your bathroom can be a process. Demolition can leave you with more problems than you started with and the entire retiling process is extremely expensive. So one Instagram user figured out a way to get an entirely new tile look without any demolition and her process only took a few hours (and a steady hand).

Geri Sammut-Alessi (@overatno18 on Instagram) actually painted over the existing tile in her guest bathroom to give the space an entirely new feel. And although she meant it as a temporary hold over until she could actually retile the bathroom, Sammut-Alessi found that the paint is holding up much better than she ever expected.

She did the same thing in the primary bathroom in her house earlier in the year and wrote in an Instagram caption, “I’ll be honest I didn’t expect it to last as long as it has but because it’s held up we haven’t been in a rush to tackle [bathroom renovation] and I’ve even painted the guest bathroom since.”

Now, the only reason she has to eventually replace the tile altogether is to reconfigure the bathroom layout. Otherwise, the paint is doing everything she needed it to do.

Sammut-Alessi shared her process for painting tiles in another recent post, noting that the most crucial step is to make sure your tiles are as clean as possible and dry before applying paint.

Then, it’s important to buy the right paint for the job. Sammut-Alessi used EPODEX tile paint and first started with applying a base coat.

“Once you’re satisfied you’ve got a good coverage of the base coat, which will act as the grout colour, you can then start the top coat,” she wrote in a recent caption.

“I decided I wanted a yellow subway tile look so I measured roughly how wide I wanted my tile to be and marked faintly with a pencil,” she continued. “I then painted every other section first and then came back and filled in the gaps!”

Sammut-Alessi did her painted tiles freehand because she likes a more irregular look, but you can use masking tape to achieve a straight-edge finish.

“First time I’ve used this paint but very impressed so far and love how they have not only lots of color options but they have paint for normally stressed tiled walls, heavily stressed wall tiles, as well as for tiles with permanent water contact and standing water, e.g., in showers!” she wrote. “If you’re nervous about tile painting, then this might be the one for you.”

Before you take a sledgehammer to your ugly tiles, consider painting first. You’ll save time, money, and get the look you want for a lot less.