10 Outdoor Cleaning Essentials for a Spotless Patio

published Jun 14, 2023
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Having any outdoor space at your home is a great amenity. But with great amenities come great responsibilities, namely cleaning your outdoor space. Whether you have a grassy backyard, a simple patio, or a modest balcony, you will be more inclined to use the space on a regular basis and truly enjoy it if it’s kept at least moderately clean. When it’s in good condition, the space can be your own personal oasis for morning coffee, lazy weekend hangouts, and al fresco dinners.

Thankfully, as long as you have the right equipment, keeping your outdoor space looking its best isn’t too much work. We rounded up the absolute essential patio cleaning tools that save you time, money, and energy so you can make the most of your treasured exterior. This cleaning and maintenance gear works for a variety of outdoor spaces, and many items are the kinds of things you can buy once and use for years. So if you prepare yourself with the proper tools now, you’ll have less to worry about in the future. Consider this a reminder to tidy up your space for summer!

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A simple yet sturdy push broom comes to the rescue for all sorts of outdoor cleaning tasks. This 2-in-1 model has a bonus squeegee on one side that's extra helpful for dispersing puddles or removing water after you've cleaned your deck, patio, or driveway.

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Aside from covering your outdoor furniture when it's not in use, the other way to extend its life is to keep any cushions and upholstered areas clean with this fabric cleaning spray. It works on dirt and stains, and is safe to use on other surfaces — wood, wicker, plastic, etc. — so one bottle of this will keep all your patio furniture sparkling.

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Your grill contributes to your outdoor space's appearance, and this versatile brush will help you keep it clean enough to eat off of. Its sturdy scraper head removes burnt-on food from grill grates, while its tough wire brushes ensure a deeper clean. Keeping your grill grates clean also prevents them from rusting and improves the taste of your food, so you and all your dinner guests will be so glad you got this brush. (Our editors love it, too.)

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To get your deck or patio looking its best, use this multi-surface cleaner to give it a good wash. All you have to do is apply it to the surface, wait 10 minutes, then rinse it off. The cleaner will remove all the dirt — even old dirt that's been baked into wood — and doesn't require any hard scrubbing. It's also safe to use on wooden fences and siding.

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Prevent unwanted messes and clutter in your outdoor space by setting out a trashcan. This model has a hinged door on top for easy access, and the entire lid can be removed to pull out or put in a new trash bag. It's made of durable resin and is currently at a huge discount. With this at home, clean-up after your next outdoor get-together will be quick and painless!

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The easiest way to make sure your outdoor furniture lasts a long time is to protect it under one of these all-purpose furniture covers. They come in a wide range of sizes and are made of super-durable polyester. With adjustable straps and built-in cinches on the bottom, these can adapt to fit any kind of table, bench, sofa, or chair you have. You can also check out their storefront for more specifically shaped options.

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If the hose hookup at your home is supplied by a well or another hard water source, this rust remover is a must-have. You can spray or apply it to a variety of surfaces — concrete, brick, wood, stucco, vinyl, and fiberglass — and rinse it off to get rid of unsightly stains on the sides of your house or the ground.

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A hard-working pressure washer is a smart investment, and this model has over 37,000 5-star ratings on Amazon. It has a lengthy power cord so you can carry it all around your yard, and it quickly removes dirt, debris, and stains from wood, concrete, and brick surfaces. This model is also compatible with a range of attachments such as this scrubbing brush head.

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While a pressure washer will help you clean dirt off any bricks or paver stones, this cordless wire brush edger is the best way to get rid of annoying weeds and grime that builds up in between bricks. No other tool will make your outdoor area look quite as fresh and clean.

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Add this powerful leaf blower to your outdoor appliance arsenal so you can quickly corral leaves and debris and give yourself more time to tackle other outdoor chores. If you have other Ryobi One+ tools, you can use their batteries as backups for this device if you ever run out of power in the middle of cleanup.