Your Derrière Deserves This Fancy Toilet Paper Embossed with Peaches

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Credit: Peach Goods

The idea of fancy toilet paper might sound a little unnecessary and over the top. But once you step into the world of fancy toilet paper—sorry, luxury bath tissue—you’ll never look back. Introducing: Peach Goods, the luxury bath tissue that’s taking the subscription world by storm.

At first glance, Peach luxury bath tissue might seem like a millennial trap. Every square is embossed with pastel peaches and its delicate packaging is fit for a photo shoot. But there’s a lot more to this product than meets the eye. Peach bath tissue is made in America and is sustainably crafted from natural and organic materials. It boasts the four Ps: It’s plush, premium, plant-based, and three-ply. There’s no chlorine, BPAs, plastic packaging, or other toxic chemicals to be found anywhere.

“It seems though every aspect of modern life has been examined, optimized, fine tuned. So why is it that our most private moments are paid so little attention?” Aaron Doades, Peach Goods founder and CEO, writes on the company’s website. “We work with natural ingredients and American manufacturers to deliver a product that makes us proud. Our soft, durable bath tissue is made in America out of virgin fiber, without a chemical in sight. The result is an organic, 100% sustainable product.”

Peach Goods believes a little softness can go a long way and practices what it preaches. The company donates 10% of the profits from every sale to Safe Horizon, an organization that supports survivors of domestic abuse, child abuse, and human trafficking.

Once you sign up for a Peach subscription, thanks to monthly delivery, you’ll never be without a roll again. You can get 8 rolls for $24, 16 rolls for $34, or 24 rolls for $44. Plus, if you’re traveling, the Peach concierge will send product to your destination, so you really never have to be without it.

Those who use Peach agree that it’s both nice to use and nice to look at.

“It’s so soft and cute! I love how it looks in my bathroom and it’s the best balance between strong and soft,” one five-star review reads. “I don’t like the stuff that falls apart easily but I also don’t like the really strong toilet paper that feels harsh.”

Another reviewer described Peach as “literally the best toilet paper ever,” so we’re officially sold on using luxury bath tissue.