This Viral TikTok Video Says You’ve Been Using Your Pillowcases All Wrong

published Dec 22, 2021
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You’re probably already thinking, how could I possibly be using my pillowcase wrong? There’s only one way to put the pillow in! And yes, you’re right. But according to this viral video from Kaylie (aka @tidycademy on TikTok), you can actually make your pillows look so much neater with one simple step.

“If you’re a housekeeper, don’t leave your clients’ pillows like this,” Kaylie said in a Dec. 2 TikTok video, which has garnered over 619,000 likes. She shows a pillow in a pillowcase with the open end of the case hanging loose.

“Take that extra piece of pillowcase and stuff it inside of the pillowcase,” she continues. “Pull it tightly on the sides, and there you have it — a perfectly rectangle pillow.”

And then the shocked reactions ensued. “How on earth did I not know this,” one commenter wrote. Another added, “My housekeeper (me) taking notes.”

Kaylie has a lot more bedding hacks where that came from, including a slow, step-by-step how-to video for folding a fitted sheet (aka something no one has actually done correctly since the dawn of time).

Of course, Kaylie makes it look so easy. But she also makes it look doable, too. “So simple!” one fellow TikToker wrote in the comments. “Thanks for the slow demo!”

Above is how to expertly fold your sheet corners at the end of the bed, according to Kaylie.

And putting your duvet cover back on your duvet has never been easier after watching this tutorial.

What started with pillowcase enlightenment is ending with an entire bedding overhaul. Your bed is about to look like something out of a five-star hotel all thanks to Kaylie’s bedding brilliance.