“Grandma Core” Is the Trend Taking Over Bedrooms This Summer

published May 22, 2024
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When it comes to spotting trends, there’s one place that has become a go-to: Pinterest. With people pinning their favorites and using it to design everything from bathrooms to baby showers, they have access to a vast collection of data that gives them plenty of insight into the direction of home design trends.

Late last year, Pinterest released a report predicting the biggest home design trends of 2024, and now, as we’re almost halfway through the year, they’re zeroing in on the trends that are becoming popular as we move into summer. All data is pulled from Pinterest’s trending searches, which the social media website tracks to understand what users are most interested in. 

According to the report, “summer 2024 will be the season of trying new trends and embracing bold colorful aesthetics.” This means that Pinterest users are looking toward “eclectic decor choices that reflect individuality and flair,” moving away from minimalism and neutrals to more vibrant and nostalgic styles. They’re also embracing a little more clutter over perfection, favoring more-lived in looks. Here’s what we have to look forward to.

Dopamine Home Decor

Dopamine decor, which is all about decorating with whatever makes you happy, is continuing to be a favorite. As the report states, “People are yearning for spaces that burst with color, comfort, and character, reflecting their personalities.” Trending searches for it on Pinterest have gone up 280%, and it’s brought another trend to the forefront: Grandma core bedroom. A quick Pinterest search for this term pulls up dreamy, cozy aesthetics that embrace rustic wood finishes and lots of plants, often accompanied by a floral bedspread or wallpaper. 

Credit: Abe Martinez

Nancy Meyers Core

This trend is inspired by filmmaker Nancy Meyers, best known for films like The Parent Trap and Something’s Gotta Give — or rather, the interiors in her movies. Meyers’ films embrace a polished aesthetic that still looks cozy and lived in — even Nick Parker and Elizabeth James’ palatial homes in The Parent Trap never look like they’ve been made for a film set. As the report states, Meyers has the “ability to infuse warmth in every space.” It’s reminiscent of the “Coastal Grandma” trend, which embraced a similar style.

Credit: Holly Li

Eclectic Vintage

Eclectic vintage isn’t too hard to understand — it’s basically eclectic decor (which relies on mixing items from different eras) that leans heavily into vintage or thrifted items. Pinterest’s report also shows interest in the terms “vintage plates on wall” and “vintage americana.” This continues the theme of leaning into comfort while displaying personality. 

Credit: Danielcc/Shutterstock

Themed Dinner Parties

Searches for “coastal dinner party” and “vintage dinner party” also rose on Pinterest, suggesting that if you want to lean into these aesthetics, you might want to focus on your table settings as well. Simple touches like placemats and tableware can help you lean into the theme without taking over your style entirely.