This Company Is Offering Plant Insurance for People Who Don’t Trust Their Gardening Skills

published Sep 20, 2021
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It seems that for nearly every kind of mishap, there’s an insurance policy. Health insurance, car insurance, and renters insurance all exist to protect you and your stuff. And if you accidentally neglect your houseplant? There’s now insurance for that, too.

Horti, an NYC-based plant subscription company, is offering two houseplant insurance packages, called Plant Reassurance and Plant Resurrection

The first is for baffled gardeners who can’t figure out why their houseplant is withering. Send in a photo of the sick plant, and once the flora doctors take a look, they can give you personalized care tips and life-saving advice.

The other option, Plant Resurrection, also offers health advice, but in the event that your houseplant doesn’t make it (RIP), the company will replace it with a new one. Take note, though, that the plan only covers plants purchased from Horti.

Both insurance plans hope to give novice gardeners support from the experts so that, in time, they too can develop a green thumb.

“Instead of feeling nervous when bringing a new houseplant home or helpless when leaves start to brown, we want people to feel confident and hopeful as they begin to understand their nature for nurture,” said Puneet Sabharwal, Horti founder and CEO. “These plans are designed to help our community feel confident to foster those connections for years to come.”

Plant Reassurance is priced at $4.99 a month, while Plant Resurrection is available for $9.99 a month. Horti recommends trying out a three- to six-month subscription length so clients can learn how to properly care for their leafy babies.

You can learn more about Horti and their insurance packages here.