This TikToker’s Renter-Friendly Plant Window DIY Upgrades His View

published Jul 30, 2023
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Opened kitchen window
Credit: Sarah Crowley

For the longest time, home decor expert Marco Zamora had an ugly view from his kitchen window but couldn’t add a flower box outside because his place is a rental. So instead, he got creative and came up with a puzzle-like plant shelf.

Here’s how he did it. In his TikTok video, Zamora says that he found the solution online: some photos of shelves by the window with bottles of ingredients on it. He bought some wood from Home Depot and got to work, making a frame and adding a grid that would cleverly cover the window lines to minimize visual clutter.

Even more impressive is that he didn’t use any nails or glue to assemble and install. Zamora explained: “It all just fits like a little puzzle, which makes it easy to put together and take apart.”

For the decor, he put in an abandoned plant he found and propagated it in small bottles. “Now I have a beautiful view to look at whenever I’m doing the dishes,” he concluded.

Most of his followers agreed. One person said, “I will do this but with fresh herbs.”

Another added: “If I were the owner, I’d be offering to pay you not to remove any of that when you move out one day. It all looks so good!”

Some expressed concern about the stability and functionality of the structure, though. “Not nailing it makes me anxious,” a commenter said, while someone else asked: “How do you open the window?”

To address the concerns, Zamora posted a second video showing him testing out the frame by shaking it, rattling it, and even putting in a dumbbell on the shelf. The puzzle, as it turns out, is really sturdy. As for opening the window, on the grid’s lower right corner, he could easily turn the window crank with ease.

If you have a less-than-ideal view, add this project to your to-do list.