Unique Arrangement Ideas Can Give Plain Poinsettias Some Oomph

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Christmas table setting with poinsettia in living room
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With holiday decorating in full swing, you’ve probably been seeing lots of potted poinsettias popping up in grocery stores, nurseries, and home centers. The classic green-and-red beauties are inextricably linked with Christmas, thanks to the apt color combo, but poinsettias in more unexpected colors like white and pink can be a beautiful addition to wintertime decor in any home — especially with creative arrangement ideas.

You can, of course, simply set your potted poinsettias on a table for display. But if you want to create a unique display, there are plenty of other poinsettia arrangement ideas that will make a big impact without a lot of time or money. It is crucial to note, however, that poinsettias are incredibly poisonous to animals, so keep them out of reach if you have dogs or cats. (The best option in this case, though, is a faux poinsettia.)

Ready to add poinsettias to your home? Try one of these seven poinsettia arrangement ideas to add some holiday style to your surroundings.

Credit: A Beautiful Mess

Create a floral Christmas tree.

When you think of poinsettias, you probably think of them as potted plants — but these flowers can look great as Christmas tree decor, too.

For a truly unique poinsettia arrangement idea, take a cue from Laura Gummerman of A Beautiful Mess and use faux versions of the flowers as a garland around a Christmas tree. While Gummerman used white and pink poinsettias (among other flowers) to adorn a white white tree, classic red poinsettias would look equally amazing around a green tree.

Another benefit: Faux flowers can be reused year after year and are great picks for a home with pets.

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Make an easy two-step centerpiece.

Feeling like you don’t have much time to decorate? Don’t sweat it. This centerpiece is made with two easy-to-find and affordable ingredients: a poinsettia plant and a mini wreath.

To make the poinsettia arrangement, place the pot in the middle of the wreath on your dining room table. That’s it! The result is simple, elegant, and festive. Customize it by adding a few baubles to the wreath if you want, like faux berries, twigs, or mini ornaments — but this looks great plain, too.

Credit: The Stripe

Craft a golden poinsettia centerpiece.

This gorgeous golden poinsettia centerpiece from The Stripe mixes white poinsettias with dried leaves for a modern take on a classic. What really sets this DIY apart is the shiny gold finish on the faux leaves — a glitzy touch that you can do with a can of spray paint.

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Pot poinsettias in unexpected containers.

Who says you need to use a traditional planter? An unexpected container you already have at home can be a striking display. Here, a rustic bucket offers a cottagecore vibe; you could lean more farmhouse by using a milk jug or ceramic crock. For something more trendy, try a hollowed-out disco ball. The possibilities are nearly endless. The only thing you have to remember: Keep your poinsettia in its plastic grow pot to make for easy watering.

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Make monochromatic poinsettia decor.

Sometimes the easiest decor is the best decor. This idea is simple but striking: Choose a planter that matches the color of the poinsettia you’re potting for an elegant and understated look. Stick with just one poinsettia, or gather them in a group for more impact.

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Accent poinsettias with fairy lights.

Fairy lights are pretty any time of year, but they’re especially magical around the holidays. Grab a battery-operated set of fairy lights and use them to dress up your potted poinsettia. You can wrap them around the base of the planter, as shown here, or even weave them into the leaves. The glow will provide all the cozy and wintry vibes you’re looking for. 

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Display poinsettias in a wicker basket.

Wicker’s natural look and rough texture brings a sense of coziness that’s perfect for a wintertime display. Even better? Wicker works with a huge range of home decor styles, including boho, mid-century, cottage, and more. To create this homey display, stick your potted poinsettia into a wicker basket and set it on the table, on top of your mantel, or even on your (indoor) steps.

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Arrange multicolored poinsettias together.

What’s better than one poinsettia? Two! Or three! Or more! For this poinsettia arrangement idea, take different colors of poinsettias and cluster them together. That’s it! The DIY is simple, but the color variation makes it striking.