The $10 Life-Changing Bathroom Product I Wish I’d Purchased Years Ago

published Feb 11, 2023
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As of Jan. 1, 2023, the projected global population clocked in at 7,942,645,086 inhabitants — a number my brain can barely contextualize. And among the world’s 7.9 billion-ish residents, it seems that almost all of them poop, but hardly anyone is willing to talk about it. There’s even a Ted Talk about the topic. At the same time, poop pioneers are doing the difficult work of generating terminology to help society at large deal with the realities of poop (see, for example, “poop soup,” and ways to avoid it). 

As a lifestyle writer, it’s my literal job to report on lifestyle things. And a pretty regular (fortunately for me) part of my lifestyle involves digestion. Sorry, it’s true! Do I wish poop (as both a noun and a verb) were a more normalized thing to discuss? Sure! Is this the hill I’m going to die on? Certainly not, but here we are! I’m determined to use my platform to spread the word about bathroom comfort.

What does bathroom comfort mean to me? Naturally, since I use this room pretty frequently and because it happens to be one of the few places in my home where I actually get some dang privacy, I enjoy an aesthetically pleasing bathroom. But the vibe isn’t just about the fixtures I see or the countertop clutter I prefer stowed away. It’s about the smell, too.

In case you were unaware: more often than not, poop smells. (I know, I really just wrote that! Aren’t I wild!?) Enter: the secret to bathroom odors. I’ve written about this life-changing product before, and guess what? I’m doing it again! Friends, I don’t want to live in a world without Poo-Pourri. I love it so much, I’m gushing about it and this isn’t even an ad. This is just Sarah Magnuson writing about concealing the smell of her own feces with an affordable spray. 

For the uninitiated: When you know it’s time to go (poop), just spritz three to five Poo-Pourri sprays into the toilet. That spray then creates a barrier in the toilet water that seals any smells below the surface. I keep a bottle of Poo-Pourri in each of our bathrooms not just for convenience, but also for kindness and compassion; I want our guests to know this is a home that forgives before you even feel compelled to say, “Hey Mags, I’m sorry about what happened in there.” Buddy, no apology necessary. 

And for folks on the go, the travel size is absolutely crucial, especially on group trips. Take it from me, someone who survived a long weekend in a Wisconsin lake house with a group of dudes whose culinary expertise entailed various grilled tubular meats and excessive PBR consumption. Had our shared bathroom not been equipped with my travel Poo-Pourri, I may have cast myself into the Northwoods, succumbing to whatever fate the mosquitoes and occasional opossum had in store for me. 

Look, reality stinks. But your bathroom doesn’t have to! Pick up a bottle of my favorite stinky sidekick and you’ll feel like the happiest person on the planet.