This Unexpected Summer Item Will Fix the Most Annoying Thing About Your Drawers

published Jul 9, 2024
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Foam Pool Noodles
Credit: KenWiedemann / Getty Images

In a perfect world, your utensil organizers would always be exactly the same shape and width of your kitchen drawers. In reality, however, you’re probably all too familiar with all your stuff — your tongs, big spoons, chef’s knives, forks, ketchup packets — getting jostled around in your drawers — and the annoying clanging sounds you get to listen to whenever you open and shut the them, no matter how careful you are. Luckily, there’s a deceptively easy — and budget-friendly — drawer organization hack that may finally solve that problem for good.

Instagram user @Brooklynb shared her DIY solution to what she calls “jingling drawers” in a Reel shared on June 16. In the video, the NYC-based digital creator shows how cutting up pieces of pool noodle — yes, the foam ones you’ve likely used for a summer pool day — can create a soft buffer that’s thick enough to stop any noise. 

She showed off her DIY noise fix in a video, and all you need are a few simple items: pool noodles, scissors, and some measuring. Of course, doing this hack requires purchasing some pool noodles if you don’t already have them, and some basic DIY skills. 

That’s because first, you’ll have to measure out how much pool noodle you want to cut to ensure the foam piece is thick enough to stop your drawer organizers from moving around. Then, you’ll need to make sure that the noodle’s not too thick for the width of your drawers, and then, you’ll probably want to measure them again before you chop them to size. After all that’s done, you simply place the pool noodle in the drawer and you’re done. No more noise.

If pool noodles aren’t readily available, some viewers headed to the comments section to offer easier and potentially no-spend alternatives to the DIYer’s drawer hack. One user suggested using either toilet paper cardboard rolls or paper towel cardboard rolls as a free option, and another made a case for double-sided tape, to hold down the organizer itself. A third commenter also suggested getting no-slip rubber bottoms, which also has the added bonus of the extra space in your drawer free to store other utensils and miscellaneous items.

In addition to ridding your kitchen of noisy, ill-fitting utensil storage, this organization hack can also be used in a desk drawer, a spice drawer, for makeup organizers, and even your fridge drawers (because there’s nothing more annoying than lots of loose cans rattling around). So if you have any extra pool noodles hanging around during the summer weekends, consider trying this hack — or one of the variations — to see if you can put your days of jingling drawers behind you.