These Are the Top 10 Most Popular Bed Styles Right Now, According to Google

published Jun 6, 2022
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Buying a new bed is honestly a bit of a high-stakes purchase — after all, the average person spends about a third (or more) of their life either sleeping or attempting to do so, and it’s understandable if you want a bed that is inviting, comfortable, looks great, and will last for years in your space.

But like all furniture and decor, bed trends tend to come and go, and right now, it’s clear that a blend of functionality and comfort is key. The pros at Time4Sleep wanted to see which bed styles are trending right now based on the average Google search volume in the last three months, sharing their findings with Apartment Therapy.

With the highest number of monthly searches at 301,000, sofa beds have taken the top spot in the list of most popular bed styles, followed by bunk beds with 90,500 monthly searches and ottoman beds with 74,000 monthly searches as of late.

And when it comes to welcoming guests, Time4Sleep’s bed specialist and director Jonathan Warren explains why sofa beds are so popular. “Sofa beds are a great way to maintain functionality within a spare room that may also be used for entertaining, but if you’re eager to keep the spare bedroom as a place for sleep then trundle beds are a great option. The second bed is hidden underneath the first, giving you the option to tuck it away once your guests have left or if you have an unexpected guest come to stay you can set up a place to snooze with ease.”

Added storage space is a plus, which is probably why ottoman beds rank so highly, explains Warren. “The bed tends to be the largest item in a bedroom and in a particularly small space it’s important to consider how you can be savvy with storage. If you’re in need of a larger storage space, opt for an ottoman bed that has plenty of room for household items from luggage to linen and out-of-season clothes. To make the most of the space, invest in storage boxes and bags and a label maker to make sure you can find everything with ease — vacuum storage bags are ideal to pack in as much as possible.”

Statement headboards remain on trend, with Warren noting that swapping out your current headboard for something new can serve as an instant refresh to your space without having to spring for a whole new bed. “If you’re happy with your current bed frame but you’re looking to create the illusion of a brand new bed, switching up your headboard can create an impressive transformation. You can choose a neutral headboard to simply add texture or go all out with a bright and bold tone to let the bed speak for itself. For an added luxury touch of elegance, look for headboards with subtle wings that hug the existing bed and frame.”

Check out the full top 10 list below for tons of inspiration:

  1. Sofa beds: 301,000 monthly searches 
  2. Bunk beds: 90,500 monthly searches
  3. Ottoman beds: 74,000 monthly searches
  4. Divan beds: 43,500 monthly searches
  5. Headboards: 35,500 monthly searches
  6. TV beds: 35,500 monthly searches
  7. Storage beds: 29,100 monthly searches
  8. Trundle beds: 22,200 monthly searches
  9. Sleigh beds: 10,600 monthly searches
  10. Upholstered beds: 4,700 monthly searches