A New Report Reveals the Most Popular Dog Breeds Around the World

updated Mar 3, 2021
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What unites a nation? Well, an unconventional but nonetheless delightful answer could be a shared love of dogs. HouseholdQuotes.co.uk, a U.K.-based resource site for homeowners, recently conducted some research to determine the most popular dog breeds in every country. Google Search data trends and dog breed database Dogtime.com were among the resources used to translate and determine the final results on the continents of Europe, Asia, Africa, and more. 

The key findings? According to HouseholdQuotes, the Rottweiler is the No. 1 dog in 34 countries, the highest number of any dog breed; however, this doesn’t necessarily mean Rottweilers are the most-searched in the world. The Australian shepherd is actually the most-searched dog breed in the world with 913,000 monthly hits across four countries where it ranks No. 1. All in all, 27 different dog breeds came up within the 150 territories that the company examined.

Credit: Olga Ovcharenko/Shutterstock

And now, grab those pretend suitcases as we journey to different parts of the world to learn more about the findings: In the continent of Europe, the border collie and cane corso are both tied as the most popular dog breed. Both are top dogs in seven European countries, such as Spain, Macedonia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. Meanwhile, in North America and South America, the Rottweiler emerged as the top breed in both continents, respectively. 

Finally, the German shepherd is the most popular dog breed in the Middle East (in countries such as Jordan and Qatar); Asia (Bangladesh, Bhutan); Oceania (Fiji, Papua New Guinea); and Africa (Senegal, Uganda, Togo); according to HouseholdQuotes’ findings. For a more comprehensive breakdown of each continent and country, explore the dog-themed map.

The world is a vast, vibrant place—one filled with various cultures, languages, and ideals; yet one thing will always remain universal: our shared love of pups. Which dog breed is the most popular in your country?