The Most Popular WFH Houseplants During the Pandemic

updated Jan 30, 2021
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Credit: Bogdan Sonjachnyj/Shutterstock

A new trend report from Made has broken down some of the most popular houseplants in home offices during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. With office life drastically altered and spare rooms (and even nooks) transformed into  work spaces, the design furniture company turned to Instagram to determine the most-searched plants among plant parents. The results? A plethora of relatively low-maintenance and air-purifying plant babies that just might inspire your next plant purchase.

So, which plant came out on top? Spider plants ranked as the No. 1 home office plant with a yearly search volume of 486,000. With long thin arched foliages with lines of white that sort of assume the form of ribbons, spider plants are considered one of the more easier options to care for and even help purify the air. As an added bonus for pet parents, they’re listed as non-toxic to cats and dogs.

Check out the remainder of the top 10 houseplants in home offices below, according to Made’s Instagram trend report.

2. Aloe Vera Plants

Aloe vera plants, with a yearly search volume of 397,200, trailed in at second place of the most searched home office plants; the succulent is low-maintenance since it doesn’t require that much water.

3. Snake Plants

Snake plants, with a yearly search volume of 397,200, follow close after as the third most popular WFH plant; they prefer bright, indirect light, but could still grow in low-light areas of the home. 

4. Succulent Plants

Succulent plants, with a yearly search volume of 325,200, come in fourth; they’re low-maintenance and don’t require too much water. 

5. Bamboo Plants

Bamboo plants, with a yearly search volume of 266,400, follow at fifth place; they require container maintenance and fresh water about once a week, but sometimes twice a week is adequate. 

6. Air Plants

Air plants, with a yearly search volume of 177,600, come in at sixth place, and include different types of Tillandsias; they require water every one to two weeks. 

7. Jade Plants

Jade plants, with a yearly search volume of 145,200, trail behind at no. 7; the succulents are fairly resilient and last quite some time with direct sunlight.

8. Prayer Plants

Prayer plants, with a yearly search volume of 97,200, come in eighth; the bold and vibrant foliage thrive best with greenhouse-like conditions and requires indirect sunlight. 

9. Cacti Plants

Cacti plants, with a yearly search volume of 97,200, come in ninth; the succulents are ideal, low-maintenance choices that don’t require too much water, but ample exposure to sunlight. 

10. ZZ Plants

ZZ plants, with a yearly search volume of 52,800, round out the top 10 houseplants; they can tolerate low light and act as an air purifier, making them ideal for plant beginners.

Additionally, Made also determined some of the top Instagram plant hashtags used by plant parents: #airplants came out in the No. 1 spot, followed by #succulentplants, #peacelily, #zzplant, and #aloeveraplant. Hopefully, this houseplant trend report will give you the ultimate WFH #inspiration.