The Surprising Item I Pack on Every Vacation That Instantly Helps Everyone Relax

published Aug 20, 2023
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Woman Packing a Shirt in a Suitcase for a Summer Vacation
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If traveling is your favorite pastime, you probably know exactly which elements a great hotel or rental must have to ensure that you have the perfect vacation. For me, that list of must-haves always includes an unbelievably plush mattress with luxe bedding, a great view outside my window, and someone I love right there to enjoy the moment with me.

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Why You Should Always Pack a Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector

When traveling, it’s always a good idea to bring a portable carbon monoxide detector with you for safety — especially when renting private properties or traveling internationally

But lately, there’s another requirement top of mind when I’m planning to get away: As much as I want my vacation to be relaxing, I need it to be safe too — especially when I’m renting a private property that lacks the built-in instant security and comfort of a hotel or resort. My friends and I love staying at unique vacation rentals. And after reading one too many news headlines about a tourist suddenly dying from carbon monoxide poisoning while staying at one, I decided to be more intentional and informed about making sure my vacation rental is as safe as possible.

I found a very affordable portable carbon monoxide detector on Amazon with glowing reviews and decided to give it a shot. It’s a plug-in detector with a battery backup that costs less than $25 and it fits nicely inside my carry-on or checked bag. The first time I ever used it while staying at a vacation rental, I noticed an immediate difference in how much more relaxed I felt as I settled in — my travel companions did, too. My friends and family were surprised to see that’s what I’d packed for the trip, but then were immediately grateful for the extra step I took toward ensuring our safety.

Now, I pack my little carbon monoxide detector and a set of double AA batteries any time I’m going to stay at a home that’s not my own. Honestly, I feel so much more at home in a rental knowing that I’m double covered in this important safety area — especially when traveling internationally where gas leaks from faulty lines and less strict rental regulations are more common. If the location you’re renting has a furnace, stove, generator, or gas waters, it’s important to ensure you’re not at risk for any leaks that could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. I even bring mine with me when I’m staying at hotels now; just in case.

While this certainly isn’t the most exciting item on my travel packing list, it has turned out to be the most important to me. Safety first, after all.

What safety related items do you bring on vacation? Tell me about it in the comments below!