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8 Stylish Portable Air Conditioners and Fans to Help You Beat the Heat On the Go

published May 21, 2021
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I don’t know about you, but after a year of social restrictions and limited travel, I’m planning to make the most of this highly anticipated summer season. But before I pack my beach bags and plan all the summer road trips, I’m making it a point to ensure that I have ample ways of staying cool while on the go — and I suggest you do the same, because this summer is going to be a real scorcher.

According to, hotter than average temperatures are likely to dominate many regions of the U.S. this year, particularly the western and central portions. Yep, we’re in for some serious heat waves, but that doesn’t mean you have to endure hot, sweaty misery. We’ve rounded up a list of portable cooling fans and air conditioners that can go with you no matter where your travels lead, whether from room to room in your house or outside on all your summer getaways.

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This handheld fan is lightweight and easy to carry around. The charger doubles as a base, so it's an excellent desktop companion, too. It's whisper quiet, has five speed settings, and runs for up to nine hours when fully charged.

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This personal oscillating air cooler fan is everything you need this summer. All you have to do is fill up its 700 mL water tank, and this compact fan will blow cool air your way for up to nine hours. It's ultra-quiet and perfectly sized to fit your work-from-home desk, coffee table, or nightstand when you need a little extra cooling.

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Well, isn't this the cutest little fan you ever did see? Don't be fooled by its miniature size, however. This thing's got some juice to it. It's the perfect size to store in your bag during trips or use when you're waiting for the train on a hot summer day. It's also USB chargeable and doubles as a flashlight. Not bad for 15 bucks!

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The conveniently foldable personal fan has over 3,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, and customers are loving that it comes with two rechargeable batteries that keep it going for hours and hours. They also pack quite a cooling punch, according to customer testimonies. "We recently spent a month in Europe in non-air conditioned apartments during a heat wave," one reviewer wrote. "My husband and I each had one of these fans. We would fold them to sit on the mattress and blow directly on us. Despite it's small size it is very effective when close to you."

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This nifty mini handheld personal fan knows no bounds! It comes with an upgraded tripod, which is made of high-quality bendable metal and silicone that's perfect for latching onto the edge of any surface — or standing upright on its own.

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Small-space dwellers, this one's for you! This cubic portable air cooler and humidifier allows you to create your own microclimate without taking up tons of space. Think of it as your personal small lake, creating a natural breeze that spreads coolness smoothly the same way nature does it. This wonder of a device not only cools, it also humidifies and helps get rid of dust particles in the air.

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Dyson's purifying fan goes above and beyond to keep your air quality pristine while also keeping you cool. This sleek model captures the most microscopic pollutants while circulating the most cool and crisp air.

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This portable AC may be pricey, but its oh-so worth it! This Frigidaire unit made our Best List because it blends into a room with ease and can cool up to 450 square feet. It syncs with the Frigidaire Smart app on your mobile device, meaning you can control it from anywhere. Plus, you'll get notices when it’s time to clean the filter, and you can track hours of use, all via the app.