This Lamp Trend Is Seriously Perfect For Working From Home — and Anything Else You Might Need Light For

published Feb 24, 2021
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If the pandemic has taught me one thing about working from home, it’s this: Sitting in the same spot all day long is a quick way to deplete creativity. Before the shutdowns, I was lucky enough to spend my workdays bouncing between my at-home desk and the local library — to a coffee shop for a few hours — and then back home again. Now I sit inside my 525-square-foot apartment trying to pretend the nine paces it takes to get from my desk to the dining room table are exhilarating.

In other words, the only way I’m keeping myself motivated while working from home in my small apartment is by mixing things up and using multiple areas as workspaces. To do this successfully, I’ve been relying on a portable lamp — a game-changing light source that “travels” with me from the table to the couch and even to my bedside when I’m answering emails under the covers. If your WFH setup could benefit from a little more light and this kind of flexibility, consider investing in one of these 10 stylish, convenient portable lamps ahead. You won’t regret it!

Credit: MoMA

1. Jaime Hayon Setago Portable Table Lamp

Named after the Spanish word for mushroom, this lamp offers ten hours of light per eight-hour charge. The color-blocked design provides an easy way to refresh a tablescape or shelf, and the brass hardware lends the piece a handsome finish.

Buy: Setago Portable Table Lamp, $179.00 from MoMA Design Store

Credit: Fatboy

2. Fatboy Transloetje Table Lamp

If your home decor aesthetic is in need of something eclectic, I highly recommend you consider this translucent number; it’s my portable lamp of choice right now! This lightweight piece comes with three different illumination settings, which you can toggle between just by tapping the base.

Buy: Transloetje – Table Lamp, $129.00 from Fatboy

Credit: Matter Made

3. Philippe Malouin Arca Portable

Powered by a single LED in its small globe bulb, this sleek lamp offers up to thirty hours of use depending on which of its four settings — night, ambient, reading, or task — are used. You can even travel with it, thanks to its arm, which can be unscrewed for easy flat-packing. If you’re a minimalist that loves versatility and simple design, go for this one.

Buy: Philippe Malouin Arca Portable, $275.00 from Matter Made

Credit: Hay

4. Pierre Charpin for HAY PC Portable Lamp

If you’re among the fortunate few who have an outdoor workspace, the scratch- and water-resistant matte finish on this handheld portable lamp will certainly hold up well to the elements. If you’re keeping yours indoors, the petite silhouette will look great next to other decorative pieces like books and plants. This style is also available in black and olive green.

Buy: PC Portable Lamp, $95.00 from Hay

Credit: Lumens

5. Menu Phare Portable LED Lamp

This portable LED lamp gives off an artsy, slightly collegiate vibe that accompanies a stack of books quite nicely. Make an especially long workday feel more bearable with this striking lamp by your side.

Buy: Phare Portable LED Lamp, $199.95 from Burke Decor

6. Ventosa LED Portable Lamp

This little lamp technically has a plug, but it also has a suction cup. This means you can stick it onto different surfaces — glass! mirrors! tile! — to turn an unexpected spot into an impromptu workspace.

Buy: Ventosa LED Portable Lamp, $95.00 from FLOS

Credit: Food 52

7. Allsop Luna Lamp

With a shape that’s reminiscent of the moon, this glowing orb is an easy way to add a little atmosphere to your WFH setup. Let it burn bright white while you’re working, and then you can switch up the color it casts after hours with just a flick of its included remote.

Buy: Luna Lamp, $98.00 from Food52

Credit: MoMA

8. Natalie Sun and Paul Sun Octagon Portable Light

The combination of the octagonal base and long neck on this lamp makes it maybe the most mobile option of the whole bunch here. Plus, it can provide 48 hours of continuous light after charging for only four hours. Talk about small but mighty!

Buy: Octagon Portable Desk Light, $85.00 from MoMA Design Store

9. Norm Architects Carrie Portable LED Lamp

For the Scandinavian style-inclined, this lantern-like lamp is a perfect fit for a home office. Everything — from the soft glowing orb to the sleek handle and basket design — makes it a versatile piece for the modern minimalist.

Buy: Carrie Portable LED Lamp, $179.95 from Burke Decor

Credit: Lightology

10. Bud Portable Lamp

Because why wouldn’t you want a portable lamp shaped like a flower? With a choice from six mood-boosting color options and a maximum battery life of 20 hours, you’ll be reaching for this one on more than just the workdays.

Buy: Bud Portable Lamp, $112.50 from Lightology