This Lightweight Pottery Barn Quilt Is Never Leaving My Bed This Summer (It’s Beyond Gorgeous!)

published Jun 27, 2024
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A shelf with art leaning on it above a white bed beside a funky shelf full of decor
Credit: Jason Rampe

I’ve become very particular about my bedding since starting this gig. Even before working at Apartment Therapy, I’ve always taken pride in my space and kept it looking as stylish and put-together as possible, but bedding wasn’t something I put much thought into. But countless sheets and pillows later, I can’t stress enough how important it is. Beyond enhancing your home’s look, quality bedding really will make a difference in how well you sleep.

I can confirm that fact as someone who went from using $30 sheets that I mindlessly grabbed at the store to $100-plus, long-lasting options. It’s worth it. Pottery Barn is one of those brands that makes investment-worthy bedding. I’ve sworn by its linen sheets this summer, and recently, yet another item has joined the ranks of my go-to pieces: the Cloud Quilt. As lightweight and fluffy as its name suggests, this item completely transformed my bedroom’s vibe — keep reading to find out why it’s staying on my bed all summer.

What is the Cloud Quilt?

It’s no wonder why this stunning quilt is a bestseller at Pottery Barn. The front is a blend of hand-stitched linen and cotton, while the bottom side is entirely cotton and the filling consists of polyester.  It’s also OEKO-TEX certified, which is something you should look for in all of your bedding: It means that the material is  tested for 1000+ harmful substances and chemicals. Another plus? The quilt is ethically hand-stitched, meeting Nest Standards that ensure the social and environmental protections of small workshop-based workers. The result is an airy, statement-making piece of bedding, available in nine soft hues that’ll bring your bedroom together. (PSA: The camel color is on sale!)

Credit: Pottery Barn

Why I Love the Cloud Quilt

I’ve been absolutely obsessed with sage green for as long as I can remember — long before the trend took over the internet — so, of course, I had to opt for the Cloud Quilt in Eucalyptus. The shade is just as beautiful in real life as it appears in the photos, I’m happy to report, and it instantly brightened up my room. I was itching to give my space a refresh without introducing an entirely new piece of furniture, and this was a hassle-free way to do it.

The gauzy texture on top adds another layer of visual interest. At first, I was a bit concerned about snagging the delicate material, but after a couple months of use, it has held up beautifully. At the tail end of spring, it provided some extra warmth on top of my duvet, but in the past several weeks, it’s served as my sole blanket above my sheets. It’s plush without crossing into too-plush territory — so it’s the perfect layering piece. Plus, during the summer, I don’t want my bedding to be too fluffy anyway. All-in-all, I don’t see the Cloud Quilt coming off my bed any time soon, so if you’re in the market for a year-round quilt that’ll elevate your room’s style, look no further.

Buy: Cloud Quilt, $249