We Gave a Pro Organizer $50 — Here’s What She Bought at IKEA

published May 5, 2024
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When shopping for affordable organizing products, IKEA is usually overlooked. But as a professional organizer, I know just how incredible it can be to find smart storage solutions with unbeatable prices there.

Challenged to shop at IKEA with only a budget of $50, I found four amazing organizing gems. In total transparency, I did go a little over — $1.46 without tax — but these finds were worth it.

Here’s what I’d grab at IKEA right now for a more organized home. 

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There are six different-sized KUGGIS boxes with prices ranging from this $3.49 (the smallest option) one to $26.50 (the largest one). My favorite feature of these boxes is that they stack, thanks to their included lids. This allows you to maximize the height of certain spaces, especially when shelves are not adjustable. For a small box of this size, I‘ve used it to sort toiletries under bathroom sinks, office supplies inside desks, or tiny toys and craft supplies in playrooms. They’re made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), so it’s easy to clean up messes inside them and they can be recycled when the time comes to say goodbye.

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IKEA’s SKUBB line is extensive and includes everything from wrapping paper to shoe storage. They’re all made with 90% recycled polyester and can collapse when not in use. I particularly love this set of three different-sized boxes (two of each size are sold in a pack) because they're incredibly versatile. I’ve used them the most in dresser and closet drawers to organize small articles of clothing or accessories and keep them in place. If you’re expecting, these little guys are perfect for storing baby items inside changing table drawers.

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The first place I think of using these handled baskets is in the kitchen. They’re mesh, so fruits and veggies can breathe, whether kept on the countertop or inside the pantry. But the beauty of them is that they can be used to store whatever you want. Line books or magazines in one and place on a bookshelf, toss crocheting supplies in another, or put together a welcome basket for guests staying over. I would be somewhat cautious about where you place these baskets because they’re mostly made of steel, so steer clear of spaces prone to higher humidity, like the garage, bathroom, or laundry room, to prevent them from prematurely rusting.

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You can find these types of mobile three-tiered carts virtually anywhere, but only a few are made to last. IKEA’s version is my number one choice in terms of quality and they can be used to organize countless items around the house. Use one (or many) to create a mobile home office, a homework or arts and crafts station, or a coffee bar. They can also hold laundry and cleaning supplies, bathroom products, snacks, and so much more. The middle shelf is adjustable, which gives you even more storage flexibility.