My PurSteam Cleaner Is the Best Thing That’s Ever Happened to My Kitchen

published Dec 28, 2022
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If I could write a love letter to my PurSteam 10-in-1 Steam Mop Cleaner, it would go like this:

It’s been less than a year since we were first acquainted, but time is of no consequence, since it was love at first steam. It was a cool day in early May, and I was deep in the throes of spring cleaning, when Alexa alerted me that you had arrived on my doorstep. Feeling underwhelmed by my kitchen floor’s lack of visual cleanliness, despite copious amounts of mopping and grout scrubbing, I promptly cast my Swiffer WetJet aside and eagerly ripped open your Amazon box. 

There you were, with all 10 of your attachments, waiting to prove whether you were worth every bit of your near-perfect rating from almost 40,000 reviews. Assembling you was easy enough — all it took was filling the tank on your handheld portion with tap water and conveniently clicking you into the mop body. Within 30 lightening-fast seconds, your status light illuminated to let me know you were warmed up and ready for action. 

A few quick passes over my tile floor quickly demonstrated your exquisite effectiveness at removing the thick layer of grime that tends to build up in a 1941 kitchen that has no exhaust vent. To my utter amazement, your steam cut through the greasy surface like butter, revealing what lay beneath all that dingy beige: a pretty off-white finish that could even pass for travertine. And for the first time ever, the tiles actually shone! No amount of Swiffering had come anywhere close to these results.

Though you made an astounding first impression, I must admit that I decided to test your grout-scrubbing capabilities next, while still harboring some level of skepticism. After a quick swap of the mop head for the double-brush nozzle, you sizzled your way across my grout lines, steaming away years of dirt and a tremendous build-up of filth muck. As I saw the grout instantly turn from brown to white, I simultaneously squealed and twirled you around in a little happy dance.

While you certainly proved you are a superstar in the kitchen, that’s not the only reason you captured my heart. When I had to shoot a dinner party scene in my dining room for an important client, your ability to transform into a garment steamer came in clutch when I realized my curtains were super wrinkly. A few quick passes of steam, and they were ready for their close-up.   

There was also that time when I discovered my indoor cats somehow got fleas, and no amount of vacuuming seemed to rid my rugs or upholstery of those pesky creatures. Since I didn’t want to dump a bunch of toxic chemicals into my house and risk exposing my little ones to harmful pesticides, your 212-degree Fahrenheit steam came to the rescue by eliminating the problem naturally and effectively. And when my entire family came down with Covid, you were also there for us when we needed your steam to sterilize our mattresses, headboards, couches, and chairs.    

I haven’t even tried your scraper tool or window squeegee attachment yet, but I have big plans for our future together. And I know you won’t disappoint me, because you haven’t yet. You are everything I hoped you would be when I added you to my Amazon cart for $69.97, and certainly worth every single penny I paid. Though you have a growing faction of admirers and you have gone on to achieve cult-like status on the internet, I hope you know I’ll always be your number one fan. 

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