This $10 Amazon Find Provides Instant Bug Bite Relief (No More Scratching!)

published Jul 15, 2023
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closeup of someone scratching their arm outdoors. bug bite concept
Credit: Catherine McQueen/Getty Images

The end of each summer vacation I spent in Mexico as a child was always marked by a big family breakfast to say goodbye, and me finally noticing the dozens of bug bites covering my arms and legs. As a kid with minimal patience and no regard for the consequences, I’d scratch these bites to give myself relief, which resulted in small scabs, scars, and that itching sensation that never vanished. While I’ve learned to not scratch bug bites (and hives that I often get due to allergies), the temptation remains. 

I’ve used ice cubes, rubbing alcohol, and aloe vera gel to soothe these bites and welts, but whatever topical treatment I apply inevitably rubs off. I decided to research some other options to prepare for the usually hot summers in my home of Southern California and found the perfect solution. These Quitch bug bite itch relief patches from Amazon not only physically block scratching, but also provide relief and treatment using safe and natural ingredients, like aloe and witch hazel.

I used one of these patches on a small bite I got below my wrist (that was extremely itchy at first). Within just a few minutes, I had forgotten that I even had it on and the itching sensation had completely stopped. 

Credit: L. Daniela Alvarez

Why I Love the Quitch Bug Bite Itch Relief Patch

I was also impressed with how well it stayed on after I showered and slept. I put on a fresh one after 24 hours, but could already tell the bite was subsiding. The recommended application time, according to the packaging, is between three hours and five days, so I decided to keep it on for two full days.

Credit: L. Daniela Alvarez

On the morning of day three, the bite bump was completely gone after I removed the patch (although there was still a touch of redness) and I never once felt the desire to scratch it or remove the patch while I had it on. I went without the patch for a full day and still didn’t feel any itching or discomfort. 

I was pleasantly surprised with how well these small patches worked, so I’ll be keeping them in my purse all summer long. They’ll also make for great little party favors for guests on my sunny rooftop.

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