This $41 Faux Fiddle Leaf Tree Has Been Purchased Over 100,000 Times — Snag It Before It’s Gone

updated Mar 23, 2023
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Finding the right plants to make your home come alive (literally) can be a bit difficult. Typically the quest falls into one of two camps: Either you decide to opt for living greenies and have to commit to a rotating schedule of watering, pruning, and sun time, or you go with faux and are left constantly questioning whether guests can tell that your pothos is actually plastic.

Things get even more complicated when you start shopping for life-size trees. Let’s be honest: Unless you live in a sprawling home with a courtyard or a lush Italian villa, it’s pretty hard to keep things like olive trees and fig trees alive and thriving indoors. Still, fake plastic trees can get pretty dicey when viewed up close. Between the faux soil, too-shiny leaves, and branches that are unnaturally straight, they’re not exactly great at fooling anyone.

Luckily, we have the answer — or rather, QVC does. Their 5-foot tall faux fiddle leaf tree is super popular, racking up over 100,000 sales thanks in large part to its accessible price point and lifelike appearance.

The trick to this tree’s realism lies in its lifelike leaves. They’re a rich green hue and aren’t too shiny, so they don’t read as fake unless you get really, really close to the tree. They can also be molded by hand to have the signature “wavy” look of a fiddle leaf. The branches themselves are appropriately knobby and can be bent and adjusted so that the tree appears slimmer or more full depending on your preferences, which is a big selling point for reviewers.

“This is the second fiddle leaf fig tree that I’ve ordered from QVC and I couldn’t be happier with the quality and appearance,” says one customer. “If I want it fuller, I simply adjust the branches, but I prefer for it to be taller and more slender. I work in the interior design field and would not hesitate to recommend these trees to my clients for their own use.”

To really mimic a living tree, you’ll want to bend your branches and leaves in random directions to capture the wild appeal of a natural specimen — there’s even a video demonstrating this strategy on the QVC site if you’re more of a visual learner. The base of the tree tapers into a small weighted pot, so you can easily pop your faux fiddle into any vessel or basket that goes best with your decor style. Another good rule of thumb? Always put your faux greenery somewhere it could conceivably grow if it were actually living — so nearby a bright window or in a sunroom would be great. In a windowless closet or bathroom? Yeah, not so much.

Ultimately, at just $41 dollars, there’s really not much not to like about this piece of faux greenery. And hey, if it’s good enough for 100,000 QVC customers, it’s good enough for us.