This Subreddit Has The Most Cringeworthy DIY Fails Ever

published Jul 18, 2018
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Just because you can improvise something, doesn’t mean that you should. Case in point: this Subreddit thread with quite possibly the most cringe-worthy DIY fails ever—seriously, Pinterest ain’t got nothing on these hacks gone horribly wrong.

While there’s a certain wonder and awe in the cleverness of these makeshift repairs that use only the materials at hand, and the make-it-do-or-do-without attitude needed to execute some of these projects, the majority of these DIY fails shared recently on Reddit definitely don’t seem OSHA-certified, recommended by family safety wardens anywhere—or even street legal, in the case of one particularly disturbing Texas automotive hack trend.

From the Manneken Pis-inspired nail art that hacks an actual peeing statue into your manicure to the designer fashion-copycat sneakerhead who should have tried out for Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman’s new show, here are just a handful of the best of the worst from the DI-WHY Subreddit:

1. The Ad-Hoc Texan Truck A/C Trend
I live in Texas, and can’t verify that this is an actual growing DIY movement, but apparently more than a few people are battling the heatwave this summer by installing a window unit air conditioner onto the passenger side window of the truck, and then connecting it to a generator mounted on the roof or carried in the truck bed. I can’t imagine this is street legal or covered by car insurance. Honestly, I can’t even imagine that this is cheaper or easier than just taking your truck to the shop to get the A/C fixed properly.

2. The Upcycled Tire Chair That Looks Like a Porcelain Throne
As the original poster said it best, “I’ll just sit on the floor, if that’s okay.” Just $80 on Facebook Marketplace, though, if this is your cup of tea. “All they need is washed off and ready to use.” Delivery is extra, however.

3. The Faux Flagstone Patio Trompe L’oeil
While the techniques used to create this one-day patio makeover are seriously impressive, not to mention the time and energy the woman in the video puts into helping her sister change up her backyard, Reddit users had a lot of feelings about the finished product. What do you think? Maybe with some more landscaping to blend it in?

4. The Upcycled Cheese Grater Incidents
As an environmentalist, I’m all for keeping things out of the landfill and applaud people for attempting to find uses for rusted cheese graters. The jewelry holder is borderline enough, but there is no amount of pun appreciation or farmhouse style that makes this DIY photo frame/wall art piece aesthetically attractive.

5. The Creepy Vintage Baby Throw Pillow
Nope, sorry, nightmares. Putting the kibosh on this kitsch faster than the trailer for Cult of Chucky II.

6. The After So Bad You Wish it Was the Before
The piece de resistance of this subreddit, or at least the most costly of all the DI-Whys, is this home renovation gone horribly awry: The top photo is actually the photo from before the homeowners attempted to self-renovate; the bottom photo was taken two years later by the realtor (as verified by an actual neighbor in the subreddit comments). Whichever trade union they belong to might want to go grab that lawn sign…

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Subscribe to the DI-WHY subreddit for more cringe-worthy project fails and questionable upcycling projects—like this one we’ll leave you with:

7. The While You Were Out Room Makeover Fail
As Tim Gunn would say, “It’s a lot of look.” But who knows, maybe this husband knows his wife better than we do? Or maybe this is a really sweet and elaborate role-play surprise present and we’re all judgmental jerks? Anything is possible. And I really, truly, like what he did with the closet shelving!