These Are the 7 Christmas Trees That Redditors Can’t Stop Upvoting

published Dec 7, 2020
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O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree… how Reddit loves thy branches. It’s true—Redditors are going bonkers over a bunch of holiday trees in the r/christmas subreddit. And since many are putting a little extra thought and care into their holiday decorating this year (hello, 2020 distraction), these buzzed-about trees might be the exact inspiration you’ve been looking for.

From branches covered to the brim in large ornaments, to a tree showcasing an atom-themed look (yes, like the basic unit of a chemical element), we pulled the seven trees that had the most upvotes from the r/christmas community. And you can bet, they’re so strongly loved for a reason.

Glowing tree with a backdrop to match

Not only is this tall and narrow holiday tree filled out with an abundance of ornaments, ribbon, and lights, but its appearance parallels the Chicago skyline behind it. The Redditor wrote that they compromised with their partner in putting up the tree before Thanksgiving—and all I can say is, I’m glad they didn’t wait a day longer.

Wrapped up in a bow

If holiday trees were presents, this one would be declared the best wrapped. While this method of wrapping ribbon isn’t nontraditional for a Christmas tree, the vibrant red color and thickness makes it stand out. As one Redditor commented, “This looks wonderfully cozy without being too overdone.”

Christmas tree and houseplants galore

This holiday tree shares the spotlight with its houseplant family. The Christmas tree tied with a bow at the top matches the snake plant in the corner, and one plant is even dressed in Santa Claus fashion. The more green, the merrier.

A red, green and white affair

Okay, I need to be transported here immediately. Not only is the Christmas tree a wonderful display of a traditional color palette and timeless ornaments, but the dogs in red laying on the plaid pillow and throw blanket just make it a masterpiece. As Redditor alimm25 exclaimed, “That looks straight out of a magazine!”

“Big Bang Theory”-meets-Christmas

Yes, that is the resemblance of an atom you’re seeing on the branches of this silver tree. While it’s unclear how exactly they got those hoops to hover, I’m fine with embracing the unknown as part of this tree’s magic. The silver branches, atom-like ornaments, and shimmering tree topper play up the science vibes, too. I can definitely see Sheldon from “Big Bang Theory” embracing this holiday look, can’t you?

Shine bright like the Rockefeller Tree

While size is obviously incomparable, this holiday tree‘s lights shine bright like the Rockefeller Tree. While ornaments are on its branches, nothing compares to the string lights that make this tree—nay, entire room—feel cozy and warm. It’s safe to say that the lights are what stole the show—well, that and the adorable pups.

All-around classic

And last but certainly not least, a holiday tree that sticks to classic look: a festive color palette, bulb and snowflake ornaments, shiny gold ribbon, and a star tree topper. This tree is certainly jam-packed with decorations, but the full branches can handle them just fine.