12 Renter-Friendly Adhesive Organizing Solutions for People Who Don’t Want to Drill

published Jul 7, 2022
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Setting up the perfect organizational systems can be hard — but setting them up as a renter? Well, that’s even more difficult. When drilling into the wall or cabinetry is not allowed (or, at least, heavily discouraged), you have to find organizational solutions that also don’t do damage to your place and put your security deposit at risk.

Here at Apartment Therapy, we make it our passion to scope out the best organizational solutions out there, from pantry tamers our editors love to sneaky shelves that double your fridge storage. The best part? A surprising amount of our finds are actually renter-friendly, relying on strong adhesive backing (instead of nails and screws) to calm the chaos in your kitchen, living room, bathroom, and more.

Of course, it goes without saying, but these renter-friendly adhesive organizing solutions are also great for homeowners that just prefer not to have to reach for a drill every time they want to simplify their spice collection or tidy up their bottles of skincare. Below, check out 10 of our favorite adhesive organizers for every room in your home. P.S. Tons of these finds are available on Amazon, and with Prime Day on the horizon, now is the perfect time to click “add to cart.”

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These streamlined (and sticky!) floating shelves are a favorite of our Managing Editor, who uses them to line up her favorite spices in the kitchen and add some decorative flair to her bathroom. An important note: They're only meant to be used on surfaces like tile or ceramic so they don't leave lasting damage.

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These simple, stickable grippers are great for organizing a broom closet easily and efficiently — not to mention keeping your dirty mops from drying all over your floor. They’re damage-free and are strong enough to hold up to four pounds.

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These unique under-shelf hooks totally transformed one of our writer's kitchens, and it's easy to see how. Each easy-to-attach piece boasts six hooks that easily slide onto useful kitchen gadgets like measuring cups, spatulas, and more. Bonus: The hooks even spin to help you find what you need!

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Command strips are known for their superior sticking capabilities, so there are practically endless uses for this handy Command Caddy. The largest size is perfect for holding spices or beauty products, or you could make like one of our editors and use it to stash shopping totes (genius!).

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The Command Cable Bundler is the ideal solution if appliance cords are cluttering up your countertop or your tech is overwhelming your TV stand. You can easily bunch your cord (even heavy-duty ones) around the flexible tab and hide them behind an appliance or piece of furniture using the adhesive backing.

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Perfect for renters (or anyone who doesn’t want to dedicate countertop or cabinet space to their spice collection), this handy rack relies on a strong adhesive backing to keep each strip of grippers safely on the wall. Spices are held in place by a series of claw grips that expand to fit around most standard round containers ranging from 1.5 inches to 1.75 inches in diameter.

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For a do-it-all floating shelf that's as handy in the bathroom as it is in your bedroom, look no further than this Poeland design from Amazon. Available in a slew of useful sizes, they're strong enough to corral bathroom essentials, kitchen condiments, and even your charging tech.

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Joseph Joseph is one of our go-to brands here at AT thanks to the practical and durable nature of their product. With this buy, they're tackling one of the most annoying collections in our kitchens: pan lids. Each of these four lid organizers can seamlessly stick onto the backside of a cabinet or pantry to house a pot lid and keep clinking and clattering at bay within your cabinets.

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Another versatile choice, this plastic wall-mounted bin can organize anything and everything, from your kitchen pantry to your home office. The crystal-clear material allows you to easily distinguish what is in each bin so you're never rifling through blind again.

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No towel rack? No problem! This adhesive towel bar mounts perfectly to a wall, tile, or inside of a cabinet to hold dish and hand towels right within reach. The best part? The sleek metal design will fool even the most discerning interior design experts!

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Keep from kicking over shampoo bottles each shower with this handy design that's part shower caddy, part basket. It's sturdy enough to hold numerous bottles of your favorite hair and body products, and its strong adhesive backing means it won't come crashing down on your head mid-rinse (the worst!).

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Technology is great, but the unsightly cords are definitely not. Calm the tangles behind your computer or television with these bite-sized clips from OHill. Each nestles a cord securely inside and sticks to practically any surface so you will never struggle to untangle the power cord from the internet cord again.

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