This Smart Garden Is an Air Purifier and Plant Wall All in One

updated Mar 18, 2021
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White modular plant display on wall in living room with brown sofa
Credit: Respira

If you’re a big fan of plants — it is plant month, after all — you might wish you had a plant wall. But creating a wall of greenery can be challenging, in a rental especially, if you don’t don’t have a big enough (or blank enough) wall.

Respira, a Canadian-based ecological design startup that is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo, has designed an approximately 3′ x 1′ portable living installation for homes and workspaces that also serves as an air purification system.

Credit: Respira

Respira’s creators claim that their home air purifier works better than potted houseplants alone because the system exposes the roots of the plants to the air by growing them hydroponically, rather than in soil, and microbes on plant roots do much of the air-filtering work.

Plus, the system makes plant parenting more low-maintenance — and perfect for when you’re out of town. Respira can water, feed, and light itself. It’s built with sensors (that you can check from your smartphone) designed to monitor real-time air quality in your home as well as the water level of the plants. The system comes with a fan, pump, and LED light control with light schedule management, and there’s a “water conservation mode” that reduces water flow and disables the fan if you’ll be out of the house for a couple of days.

Credit: Respira

The best part of it? Its sleek design that won’t clash with your space. It comes in a matte black option or a crisp white, and it can be mounted or freestanding with purchase of a stand. There are 14 slots for plants, and it can be displayed inside or outside. Backers on Indiegogo can choose between Pothos, tropical, or vibrant plants, or embrace their inner-green thumb and customize their own.