This Is the Designer-Approved Bedroom Must-Have You Might Not Need After All

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When it comes to bedroom decorating ideas, there’s one piece of advice you’ve probably seen in magazines or heard from a designer: Add an accent chair into the mix. After all, the chair is an opportunity to add some color, texture, and personal flair to your bedroom design scheme. It’s also a functional piece of furniture that can be a relaxing place to read, work, or binge-watch your favorite Netflix shows. But the problem is, if you’ve ever had a chair in your bedroom you’ll likely already know that it ends up being used in one way and one way only: as a “clothes chair,” a place to pile up clothes, especially in between washes. 
But instead of relegating your gorgeous accent chair to clothing storage, why not have a dedicated space for your clothes? How exactly do you do that, though? I’ve come up with a decent solution.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

If your space is on the tighter side, consider swapping out the chair for a clothes ladder, an open basket, or some wall hooks. Your favorite garments will still be within arm’s reach, and they’ll look organized without any extra effort from you. If you’re lucky enough to have a larger bedroom, you can probably keep your chair and try one of these solutions for your “chair clothes,” so your seat can remain a place to sit.

An accent chair in the bedroom is a nice-to-have both for practical reasons and the design opportunities it can offer for a hit of pattern and color in the bedroom. But piling it up with clothes means you get neither benefit. Before you decide to invest in a bedroom chair, just be sure you know where your clothing and other miscellaneous items will go. And if you know that you’re likely to pile that chair high with stuff, then it might be worth forgoing it entirely — especially in a smaller sleep space — and forcing yourself into the habit of putting things away in their permanent homes.