How to Make Your Bedroom Feel Romantic, According to Your Decor Style

updated Feb 9, 2021
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A bedroom can be romantic even if it doesn’t have the stereotypical rose petals or satin sheets. In fact, what makes a room actually romantic is if it adheres to your personal design style while also adding in a little extra mood-setting oomph. You can easily do this through creative uses of color and texture (having atmospheric lighting goes without saying).

For interior designer Tamu Green of Lux Pad Interiors, creating an intimate space involves engaging all five senses in a pleasurable experience, especially the sense of touch. “Encouraging inhabitants to engage the room with touch is important in creating a bedroom that feels sumptuous and inviting,” she says. “I love using finishes that are tactile and inspire touch such as a textured wall covering or even a soft-touch paint.”

For even more insight, I turned to five interior designers to get their tried-and-true secrets for bringing romance into the bedroom based on specific decorative styles. Find your closest design ID and get ready to turn up the decorating heat.

Credit: Coil + Drift

If your bedroom has a minimalist feel, turn to warm and organic accents.

“Baby, it’s cold outside, but it doesn’t have to be in your bedroom,” says designer Mikel Welch. For minimalists looking to bring a bit of romantic flair to their spaces, the designer suggests breaking out the warm layers as if you were staying at your favorite log cabin retreat. “It doesn’t get more intimate than a Saturday night, tucked gently underneath layers of cozy goodness,” Welch says.

Even if your space is minimalist in style, that doesn’t mean your textiles have to be as well. Welch’s favorite linens for layering are textured cotton comforters and wool throws. A small dose of suede, such as on a throw pillow, doesn’t hurt either. Cultivate an intimate vibe by incorporating earthy hues, such as terracotta, blush, and even stone grays. Complement that palette with organic forms such as a woven pendant, and seal the deal with an oversized stone vase filled with statement-worthy dried palms. 

The other end of the tonal spectrum works, too. “Romance can happen in the most unexpected places and forms, and one example of this is the use of darker colors in the bedroom,” says Welch. He notes that bolder tones can lead to a cozy environment where “you might not mind being ‘closed in’ with the one you love.” Farrow & Ball’s Moles Breath or Benjamin Moore’s Onyx can help you get there. 

If your bedroom is maximalist, make it a color-drenched escape.

Maximalism is about going full-throttle on color, pattern, or physical pieces. Designer Katie Zamprioli of Candy Colored Home is no stranger to this aesthetic, and when it came to her own maximalist bedroom, it all started with the sheets. 

“Soft bedding is a romantic must, and we are completely obsessed with our Brooklinen Heathered Cashmere set,” she says. She chose a soft lavender color and topped the bed with velvet pillows in a complementary hue for texture. Not to be outdone, the windows received the same colorful, velvety treatment for an added dose of mystery and intrigue. 

Zamprioli also suggests pushing the boundaries with artwork and accessories. “I love abstract nude portraits and love to adorn my walls with those as well as figurative sculptures and vases,” she says. “Each piece subtly works simultaneously and collectively to stir something within the soul and to create a romantic feel.”

If your bedroom embodies the traditional, decorate with pretty pairs.

Traditional design is rooted in symmetry, and when it comes to the bedroom, play up items in doubles and pairs. “Having two chairs or a settee that fits two at the end of the bed would be better than a single chair,” advises Green. “Art is an impactful way of adding a romantic feel to a bedroom, and if it’s figurative, there should be two figures in it. For instance, a pair of birds versus just one bird in a painting.”

While darker neutrals like beige and brown define traditional palettes, look to slightly warmer tones for a more inviting feel. Green prefers to lead with blush (Benjamin Moore’s Driftscape Tan comes to mind) and finish the look off with a darker blue by way of a headboard, for example. Mixing warm and cool colors adds a “sexy type of tension,” according to Green.

Last but not least, don’t overlook the windows. “Bedrooms are private spaces and need to feel isolated from the outside world,” notes Green, who is partial to a combination of Roman shades and drapery panels. “The idea is to create a safe and uninhibited environment by keeping noise out.” 

If your bedroom is a boho jungle, turn to rich textiles.

The hallmark characteristics of boho design revolve around the use of rich textures and vibrant colors that combine to create a relaxed, carefree atmosphere. Allow those elements to trickle down to the decor of your bedroom, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for romance. According to Decorist designer Casey Hardin, this means bringing in an eclectic array of textiles — think quilts, fur blankets, and shaggy accent pillows — and layering them. Mixing and matching the fabrics means you’ll end up with a sensual yet tactile environment. 

To add a touch of life, Hardin suggests pulling in fresh greens, which are a beloved, well-documented boho essential. “Enhance the mood by layering plants — hang them from the ceiling, place them on accent tables and the floor and even on the walls,” the designer suggests. “Using plants in this way creates an intimate garden-like environment where love is sure to bloom.” 

Credit: Rachel Manns

If your bedroom has Scandi vibes, introduce mood lighting.

In a Scandi-chic space, the concept of hygge is a foolproof way to usher in true romance. This Danish practice of settling into a cozy state of happiness and feel-good comfort is all about fostering warmth to offset the stark minimalism of your decor. Zamprioli suggests creating a sentimental feel by bringing in a chunky knit blanket, some faux fur pillows for a sensual feel, and pops of blush linen or velvet for warmth. 

“Lighting is going to play a huge part in setting the tone in a Scandinavian space, and the proper warm glow will always elevate the mood,” Zamprioli says. Go for Gantri’s PyraSphere table lamp, which according to Zamprioli has the ideal dimmable setting that is romantic and minimal. “Place some lush peonies by the bedside or long branches of eucalyptus to add in a natural element that’s invigorating,” she adds.

If your bedroom is an ode to the Memphis movement, turn it into a technicolor dream.

Punchy color blocks and geometric motifs are just a few of the tenets of Memphis design. This popular 1980s aesthetic is certainly not for the faint of heart, but it’s an ideal style for creating a romantic bedroom. “this vibrant print by Dmitry Zubarev — to add color and visual interest, and consider using materials unexpected ways like a terrazzo table lamp. Mood lighting goes without saying. Swap in warm temperature light bulbs for an ambient feel. 

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

If your bedroom is a mid-century modern retreat, cozy it up.

If your bedroom is made up of mid-century modern clean lines and simple shapes, creating romance is all about softening those details through a few clever decorating tricks. Decorist designer Briana Nix suggests draping a cozy sheepskin at the foot of your bed or on the back of an accent chair for a visually and physically tactile experience that nods to comfort.

If you’re feeling slightly more adventurous, Nix suggests touches of velvet in unexpected places; an upholstered headboard is a good start. Beyond that, experiment with darker tones such as moody blues. The designer notes that deep colors will add depth to a room and bring a calming effect with them. Last but not least, up your lighting game by swapping whatever fixture you currently have for an MCM icon such as a Noguchi-inspired lantern, which can emit a soothing, soft glow to set the ultimate mood. 

If your bedroom is a coastal oasis, look to sheer fabrics

“Romance in a coastal bedroom is all about [being] easy, breezy, and flirty fun,” says Zamprioli. It’s all about bringing in contrasting soothing textures, such as sheer curtains, and cool tones to evoke a sense of serenity. “The ocean is also powerful and invigorating, and you want to reflect that in your space,” she adds. In that vein, your walls can benefit from a little upgrade, and Zamprioli suggests adding visually-textured limewash paint.

If you have a canopy bed, drape it with flowing panels of white curtains, and complement that look with a thick, luxurious down comforter, Zamprioli advises. “This is the kind of bed that you can’t wait to jump into,” she says. “Add a striped throw, tossed playfully on the bed for bold contrast, and curvy pillow shapes in soft mint greens and blues.” Complete the scene with a stacked stone lamp on the bedside table for an organic touch and a rope wall hanging for yet another hit of alluring texture.