25 Tips to Help Embrace Your Inner Boho Design Lover

published Jun 25, 2019
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Beloved by bloggers and interior designers alike, boho-style spaces are a favorite of design enthusiasts for a reason. Brimming with textures, colors, and good vibes, boho-inspired rooms are every bit as serene as they are stylish. Dreaming of your own boho space at home? Read ahead for 25 ways to channel your inner bohemian with your home decor.

Employ Plants

A few prominently displayed houseplants can subdue even the most maximalist decor scheme, just like we saw in Mila Moraga-Holz’s Los Angeles, California home.

And Even More Plants

Let’s face it: no boho-inspired space would be complete without an ample assortment of houseplants.  Take a cue from Birgitte De Paepe’s home in Rocbaron, France and bring as many plants as possible into a room to score some bohemian vibes.

Don’t Shy Away from Color

Don’t let all the earth tones fool you—bohemians love vibrantly colorful rooms, too. Case in point: Rachel Kaplan’s Oakland, California home, where you’ll find a slew of vibrant textiles and decor items.

Credit: Jenna Lauren

Get Creative with Storage Solutions

Bohemians may be cool, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to worry about storage like everyone else. Wall-mounted storage solutions, like the geometric floating shelves we spotted in Sophie Leger’s New Brunswick, Canada home provide extra room for storage without sacrificing an inch of boho flair—or floor space.

Add Ambient Lighting

A little ambient lighting goes a long way when forging a boho space. Hang a few sparkling string lights around your headboard or cover your entire ceiling with some to usher in instant boho vibes, like we saw in Gabrielle and Zack Aker’s downtown Los Angeles loft.

Don’t Worry About Coordinating

Channel some true boho spirit and don’t waste a second of your time with overly coordinated furniture pieces, like the mismatched dining set we spotted in Erin Tole and Ryan Phillips’ boho-style Vancouver, Washington abode.

Hang Sheer Curtains

Nothing feels more bohemian than a room filled with loads of natural light and sheer window coverings. Score some instant ethereal vibes in your space by hanging up some woven curtains or gauzy panels like we saw in Rebecca Williams’ Western Australia home.

Incorporate Organic Elements

You can always count on all-natural decor items to bring some boho flair into your space. Eye-catching organic accessories, like the woven wall art and driftwood sculpture we spotted in Patricia ChaCha Garcia’s Bronx, New York home, add a touch of boho drama to any room.

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Hang Plants

We said it before and we’ll say it again: No boho-inspired space would be complete without houseplants. If you run out of windowsill room, considering suspending your plants in hanging planters, just like we saw in Alex Riley and Laure-Anne Carré’s Montreal, Canada loft.

Try Woven Lighting

Never underestimate the impact of interesting textures in a boho-style space. Follow in Megan Martinez’s footsteps and employ a woven pendant light to make a boho statement in your dining room, just like she did inside her Santa Monica, California bungalow.

Put Plants in Your Kitchen

Bring a couple of leafy potted plants into your kitchen to spread more boho spirit throughout your home, just like we saw in Cai Haun and Britt Maton’s San Francisco, California abode.

Add Some Bold Boho Accents

Even the smallest accent pieces can make a statement when outfitting a boho-inspired space. Whether with rattan wall sconces or woven wall art, like we saw in Joey Meyers’ Jersey City house, a few bold, boho-esque decor items will breathe new life into your home real fast.

Style Your Bookshelves

Colorful book spines inject a delightfully bohemian vibe into any room. Elevate your intellect and your home decor by styling your bookshelves with decor objects, like we saw in Bridget, Bill, and Mabel Watson Payne’s San Francisco, California home.

Mount Potted Plants

If you thought your floating shelves were boho, just wait until you see the wall-mounted houseplants we spotted in Lulu Brud Zsebe and Justin Zsebe’s Los Angeles, California rental. Simply install a few floating planters and voilà: you’ll have a boho plant wall at home, too.

Mix Textures

Don’t be afraid to mix a variety of textures when designing a more boho-minded home. Furry textiles, woven furniture, and unfinished natural surfaces can blend harmoniously to create an eclectic and truly bohemian atmosphere, just like we saw in Ashley Pennington’s Phoenix, Arizona rental.

Credit: Miks Riggs

Think Southwest

Nothing screams “boho” like a southwest-style room, filled with colorful prints and desert-friendly houseplants. Incorporate a few southwest-inspired design elements, like the woven wall hanging and cactus sculpture we spotted in Miks Riggs’ Dallas, Texas home, to bring a splash of boho into your home.

Credit: Julia Steele

Go for a Few Bathroom Plants

Why stop at the kitchen, living room, and bedroom when you can have houseplants in your bathroom, too? Follow in Jordan and Ryan’s footsteps and bring a potted plant or two into your bathroom to create some boho vibes, just like we saw in their Nashville, Tennessee home.

Plant-inspired Wallpaper

If you thought boldly printed wallpaper was only meant for maximalist decor schemes, then it’s time to think again. Attractive, palm-patterned wallpaper, like the kind we saw in Austin Carrier’s Sonoma, California living room, ushers in some boho elements without overwhelming the space.

Mix Textiles Liberally

An interesting mix of textiles is essential when decorating a boho-inspired space. Opt for rugs, bedding, throw pillows, and window treatments made from a wide assortment of materials to score a hip and layered look at home, like we saw in Deanna Leone and Jessie Mademann’s Philadelphia loft.

Layer Patterns

If you’re a fan of patterned textiles, then we have good news for you. You can combine all sorts of colorfully printed pillows, rugs, and upholstery in the same room, without sacrificing an inch of boho style, just like we saw in Sarah and Will’s Haddonfield, New Jersey home.

Opt for Wall Art

No boho decor scheme would be complete without some interesting artwork adorning the walls. Take a cue from Bridget Schwartz’s Oakland, California rental and hang an array of artwork—think tapestries, paintings, photographs, and panels—for a cool (and distinctly bohemian) display.

Credit: Ely Franko

Hang Up a Hammock

A good old-fashioned hammock can usher some serious boho spirit into a room. Hang one up on your front porch greet guests in pure bohemian style, or install one in your bedroom or living room for lounging just like we saw in Danielle and Ely Franko’s cabin in the New York Catskills.

Credit: Nasozi Kakembo

Carve Out a Cozy Nook

The only thing more boho than a hammock in your home is a having a bona fide reading nook. Carve out your very own sleeping-reading-daydreaming zone in your abode with the help of curtains and a folding screen panel to close off the space, just like we saw in Natasha R. Johnson’s Brooklyn rental.

Paint Your Walls Green

Searching for a sophisticated way to integrate some color into your home without sacrificing the laid-back ambience? A cool shade of muted green wall paint, like the mossy green hue we spotted in Mitchell Settoon and Thomas Ecker’s New Orleans, Louisiana home, brings a burst of colorful energy into a room without killing the overall boho vibe.

Credit: Ana Kamin

Let in Lots of Natural Light

When all else fails, you can always count on natural light to make a room feel more boho in seconds. Whether it means opening your blinds every morning or forgoing window treatments altogether, letting sunlight pour into your home is a surefire way to score some instant boho style, just like we saw in Mallory Guraya’s San Francisco, California rental.