7 Ways to Romanticize Your Cleaning Routine So You Get Things Done

published Jun 4, 2024
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Ways to romanticize cleaning
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An important part of keeping your home in its best possible shape is cleaning it regularly. Homes get messy, and while some people may love the satisfaction of reaching for the vacuum or the mop, others dread these necessary tasks. This is where romanticizing your cleaning routine can come in clutch. 

At first glance, there’s nothing glamorous about cleaning the toilet or sweeping the floors, but the magic of romanticizing your life is that you can do it with anything. Turning a routine into a romanticized ritual means sprinkling your tasks with extra beauty and intention, so the mundane is a little more special.

If the thought of wiping counters and doing dishes is overwhelming or if you’re just looking to switch up your regular cleaning routine, read on for seven ways to romanticize your daily or weekly cleaning ritual and turn the dreaded task into a calming regime. 

Make yourself a fun beverage.

There’s something so lovely about sipping a drink you enjoy out of a favorite cup — so make yourself a beverage to power you through your cleaning sesh. Treat yourself to a delicious coffee, pour yourself a soda, or make a mocktail and put it in a fancy glass, then keep your beverage close by so you can sip between cleaning.

Light a candle.

You might enjoy lighting a candle after your cleaning session when everything is spick-and-span, but why not start your routine with one instead? Lighting a candle sets the mood, and infusing your home with scent as you clean is a fantastic way to romanticize your household chores. Don’t wait for a fancy occasion to light your favorite candles — enjoy the moment now. 

Color-code your supplies.

I am a huge fan of investing in everyday items that some might say are extra, but I think are gorgeous. Why settle for a plain old broom when I can have a pink one instead? If you’re someone who’s incentivized to use items simply because they’re pretty, the idea of color-coding your cleaning supplies probably sparks some joy.

If you don’t have a cleaning caddy already, purchase one and fill it with supplies in your favorite color. Search Amazon for rubber gloves, sponges, and microfiber cloths that are the same shade, or pick complementary colors that you love. Romanticizing your life is all about adding extra beauty and joy to the mundane, and if matching hot pink rubber gloves and sponges makes you just a little bit more excited to tackle the kitchen or bathroom, by all means, go for it. 

Set the mood with a playlist.

Music can keep you energized as you clean, so don’t be afraid to blast your favorite playlist. Romanticizing routines can be synonymous with creating a main character moment for yourself, so before you put on any old playlist, check in to see what sort of vibe you’d like to create. Want to imagine you’re in a Nancy Meyers movie or a ’90s rom-com? Tons of premade playlists can ooze nostalgic charm. Maybe you want to sing along, so make a playlist of jams you can belt out. Have fun creating your cleaning soundtrack — whether it’s searching for one that already exists or making your own. 

Use products you love.

I used to feel sick and get dizzy when I cleaned my bathroom with supplies that relied heavily on chemicals. It was the exact opposite way I wanted to feel, especially as I was trying to romanticize a routine many would rather skip or delegate. Finding supplies that smelled good, were gentler on the environment, and then placing them in a beautiful container made the task so much more enjoyable.

I highly recommend taking the time to find cleaning supplies you enjoy using. I love the simplicity of Blueland cleaning products and Bath & Body Works offers laundry detergents that smell incredible. They turn washing and drying my clothes into one of my favorite chores.

Habit stack.

If you have a hard time mustering up the energy to clean your home, try thinking about it as self-care instead. Taking care of your home is taking care of yourself in a way, and if you’re already planning on tidying and putting on a face mask, why don’t you do them all at once? Habit stacking is simply adding a routine onto one you already do, and wearing a face mask while vacuuming the floor is a perfect example.

Another example? Listening to your audiobook while you tidy or playing positive affirmations as you sweep. You could even wear your ankle and wrist weights to get in a small, but mighty workout. Let your entire cleaning ritual be about taking care of you, just as much as it’s about taking care of your home. 

Practice gratitude.

While romanticizing your cleaning routine may have you making small investments in beautiful supplies, adding joy to your routines comes down to mindset. Slowing down and practicing gratitude while you clean is one way to make your tasks more enjoyable. Even if folding laundry doesn’t thrill you, being grateful for your clothes can soften your mood. Have gratitude for your home as you take care of it, and look at these tasks as an act of love to yourself and your loved ones. Life is made up of these tiny moments after all, so why not infuse as much beauty into them as you can?