Ruggable Just Launched the World’s Most Forgiving Washable Shag Rug — and We Put It To the Test

published Feb 8, 2022
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Credit: Anik Polo

Ruggable is in a class all its own when it comes to problem-solving home decor. They have long led the washable rug retail space with their dual-layer design, which includes a rug pad that adds traction and removable toppers that are decorative, lightweight, and machine washable. And now, they’ve done the seemingly impossible: Ruggable just launched a shag rug that you can throw right into the washing machine whenever it needs a cleaning.

My fellow editor Blair and I each put it to the test, and we’re here to report that this beauty isn’t your average dorm room shag rug. I’m just as messy now (okay, maybe a little more… ) as I was in college, so I am a big fan of Ruggable. Unlike the shag rugs of my past, Ruggable’s doesn’t hold fast to my coffee and wine spills and remind me of my mistakes every time I walk into the room. It forgives and forgets. It’s the rug we deserve. “I’ve truthfully never really considered shag rugs the most stylish of accents,” Blair admits. “They give me flashbacks of my grandparents’ house, but this one has made me completely change my mind.” Right there with you, Blair.

Ruggable Shag Rug Launch Review

She and I both opted for the egret white color, which Blair described as “pretty risky considering I put it in my high-traffic living room.” But even in a busy area of the house, it still “looks incredible and has managed to stay fairly clean (and yes, that’s also after trudging in snow and dirt from New York’s recent snowstorm).” She goes on to say, “It’s an absolute delight to walk across, too — you can’t beat the supreme softness, and any friends I’ve recently had over agree. This is my first Ruggable experience, and I’m happy to report how easy they make the whole unboxing and setup process overall.”

It also happened to be my first Ruggable experience. I have a dark gray cat who sheds, so I’m constantly lint rolling my home to clear it of rogue silvery strands. (No one tells you gray cat hair shows up on everything, dark or light.) This rug, however, not only tricks my guests into thinking I act my age and don’t spill things left and right, but it also makes the cat hair invisible. When I do hit the rug with a vacuum, the hairs and other debris lift right out without getting trapped. Not only is it effortless to vacuum, it’s by far the easiest textile in my home to spot clean. After that, the removable top layer can be easily tossed in the washer and dryer as needed. The 5′ x 7′ topper weighs about as much as a set of flannel sheets, so the effort involved in taking it to the laundry room is minimal. Just think about the freshly laundered, dryer-warm, super-fluffy rug you’ll be walking on in no time… siiigh.

Available in four light, neutral tones, Ruggable’s shag rug is perfect on its own but also optimal for layering, especially if you have antique rugs you want to display without the risk of wearing them down. Be warned: We expect these washable shag rugs to sell out quickly, so take advantage of the launch while they’re still in stock.