Rugs in the Kitchen? These Ideas May Change Your Mind

updated May 8, 2022
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Got a rug you’re digging? The kitchen may not be the first place you’d think of putting it. But trust us – a rug in the kitchen may be just the ticket for pulling together your eating space. And while the kitchen can be a dangerous place for textiles (hello, crumbs, grease, red wine spills!) there are plenty of advantages to having a rug in the kitchen.

They’re a great way to add color in a neutral-toned kitchen, and they add a little cushioning underfoot in a space where you spend a lot of time on your feet. Plus, cleanup is easy, thanks to machine-washable rugs which you can now buy from a variety of our favorite home retailers. What do you think: is a rug in the kitchen a do or a don’t?

Here are some of our favorite examples of the look — featuring all kinds of rugs in all kinds of kitchens. 

Credit: Liz Morrow

Incorporate a funky pattern.

In an otherwise black and white kitchen, a stylish rug adds depth and interest. You’ll see that here, as the burnt orange patterned rug pulls your eye downward from the high-flung greenery and black cabinetry. Notice too, how the color in the rug picks up the natural wood color in the shelves. 

Add a rug under bar stools.

A thin rug is cleverly placed in this beautiful kitchen by @krazyforrugs. It provides a much-needed pop of color against the expansive gray cabinetry but also likely corrals crumbs. To clean, simply vacuum or pop it in the wash if the situation calls for a deep cleaning. 

Go tonal.

Another clever way to incorporate a rug in the kitchen? Make it the same or similar to your cabinetry. That’s what @our_norcal_nest did in her kitchen, with beautiful results. Her simple gray and white patterned rug creates a cohesive look in her peaceful space. 

Use natural fibers.

A simple, circular sisal rug is all that’s needed in this kitchen by @thebasketroom. The round shape keeps things interesting, and the small size makes it less likely that it’ll need regular cleaning. As far as style is concerned, the boho vibe is in keeping with the rest of the kitchen decor. 

Credit: @tuldarhome

Spell it out.

Here’s a fun idea: use a rug in the kitchen to announce where you are! This cute, whimsical rug  by @tuldarhome adds a touch of fun to this sparkling kitchen, but incorporates a black background to keep things looking at least somewhat elegant. 

Max it out.

Denver, Colorado homeowner @thesingleton.six shows no fear in her dining room; she’s incorporated a rug that fits under the entire table, and the bench and chairs. While this may seem like a risky idea, many of today’s rugs designed for kitchens are totally washable. And this setup is gorgeous, so it’s totally worth it!